Sunday, November 08, 2009

Yeah! I did it!

Okay, okay not when I said and not the one I said but I finally scrapped! And it went fast and smooth! I decided to do one of Noah before doing the one of Dylan first, just because I felt the mojo for it!

Also I decided I would not scrap till I had my scrap/paint area totally organized and cleaned and that took some time getting done between my mess and all the junk we are going through right now with our grandsons living with us! Let me tell you being involved with CPS can be the pits even when you are not the one who was doing something wrong! Let me tell you I am learning that they can't be trusted! Or at least I use to believe that people in those positions were honest and now I know better! But let me tell you I would lay down my life for my grandkids as would my hubby!!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am back and I promise!

I painted last week and I am headed downstairs to scrap! SO soon you will meet my newest grandson! SO the next post wil be about my latest paintings and my newest grandson and his fist layout!! watch for it real soon!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dedicating this post to my Mom!

First thanks Mica for bringing me back to my blog!

ON Jan. 30th My MOM was taken to be with the Lord! I miss her greatly! It had taken me a long time to even get any desire to move on! I talked daily with my mom and she was always there for me.

I encourage everyone to let your Mom know how much you love them! Always treat them with respect. It is a terrible feeling to be show disrespect from a child especially an adult child. It carves down into the heart. I hope and pray I never did that to my Mom!

I am posting a few photos and then I am going to go back to posting regularing and sharing about my grandchildren and scrapping which I must start doing as I know Mom would want me to go on!

Thanks for listening and for all who prayed all those months that we tried so hard to get her off the vent. She may have never came off the vent but I will always cherish that time spent with her and be grateful that my husband was willing to be without me while I stayed with her 750 miles away for 4 months. Somedays going to the hospital every single day were hard but looking back I would not trade a single solitary day and I am grateful to my God for each of those days!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Win a very easy RAK!

BUT first I must explain I did not make it to the crop in last entry myself because friday morning a special family member was taken home! Not my mom but a special cousin of my husbands who lived with my husbands father. She and him were roommates since my mother in law died and auctually although my father in law was her uncle she was older. She use to babysit my mother in law. A kind and gentle woman! Ruth will be sadly missed and never forgotten. Expect some layouts!

Now for the Rak! SCRAP CITY IS ALMOST AT 400 MEMBERS!!! only 3 left till the magic number! THE 400th member is going to win a rak! SO all you have to do is head over to THE SCRAP CITY and register and you will win a rak! and as long as you are there check out the place it is the most friendly and fun scrap book forum!!! So click on the link and take a chance to win a RAK! YOU CAN'T WIN if YOU DON'T REGISTER!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


and make me crop too!! I need to get out of a major slump!! have not scrapped in longer then I have not blogged! OH IS THAT BAD!!!