Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Things Kids Say!!!

Meet Britton! My grandson in S.C. well today my son in S.C. Kevin (Britton's Dad) calls me and while we are chatting he tells me something that just happen and what Britton who just turned 4 in DEC. said.

Britton's Mother Maria had spoke to him about something and Britton said " Mom, I am Just a kid you know"

I could not help but laugh and almost cry too because Britton has mild autism and I love to hear him talk but to say comments like this just thrill me!

BUT it also makes me think about the fact that how many times as Parents do people forget that children are just kids! Today we want them to grow up and "BEHAVE" so fast! I agree they need to learn discipline but they need to be able to PLAY to!

So just remember that little boy or girl is " JUST A KID YOU KNOW"

Monday, January 28, 2008

Easter 2006 and Daisy Bucket Pattern Papers!!

Okay yes I am behind! But if you think these photos are behind then you have not seen anything yet! I have oodles of photos of my children to do, this is my grandson Noah!

He was afraid of the Easter Bunny and would not sit on his lap, so the Easter Bunny hid behind the fence so that he got in the photo at least!!!

The papers I used for this layout are Daisy Bucket Pattern Papers and I am in Love!!! they are such a neat texture! Great to work with! I cannot wait to see what the new line is when it is released at Cha!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008


One of the things we like best about our house when we found it back last sept. was that it has a long driveway off the main road and we have 2.3 acres with a lot of fields and woods around us! We see turkeys and DEER! Lots of Deer that will wander right into our yard.

The other day I took some pictures and did a layout.

But OH DEAR! we are being told that they are going to build a development around us! We know the woods area will stay, but the fields will go! So we will lose some of the deer at the very least! Such a disappointment!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My favorite layout from 2007!

I was challenged to share my favorite layout from 2007!

Well my favorite layout is one of my grandson Noah! It is a picture I managed to catch of him at CHristmas 2006 and it was him starring at a toy his older brother got from us. He really liked the gift and it was obvious that he wanted the gift and the look on his face showed it! It was definetly one of those once in a lifetime photos!

2008's word for the year!

I have choosen my word for the year! POSITIVE! My goal is too try to be more POSITIVE and too look for the POSITIVE side of even the bad things that happen!

I do not often talk about my reason for being disabled so I am getting it done and over with now and only because I am asking for prayer for the 25th that the new procedure works!

On the 25th they are going to try something different instead of my normal nerve blocks. I will be having a procedure done where they will the occipital nerve, this procedure, GOD willing if it works for me will last 3-6 months. If this procedure does not work then I will have to go to the implant procedure. I am including a video on Occipital neuralgia and the implant procedure.

Now the other problem I have which was also mention on the other video is called TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA I just found out about the procedure on this video recently. Fortunetly right now my meds are working although some of the side effects to stink! But Trigeminal Neuralgia can come back worse and meds can stop working so I am glad I found the treatment. BUT THE VIDEO will help you understand my disease.

Now remember my word for this year is POSITIVE! AND I am positive it is going to be a great year and my health is going to be good! SO Please no sorrys as I am doing well right now, and am so thankful for how far I have come! Many days I hate my meds and their side effects but GOLLY I love the difference they made in my life, SO THAT IS THE POSITIVE part of my meds!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Playing with photos! Need your help!!

As you must be able to tell by now, there is nothing I like better then to take photos of my grandboys except playing with them!!! Well sunday my grandson Noah was enjoying some warmer then normal weather for here and no snow weather and playing on the swingset! TOTALLY unusual in Jan. in N.Y. and I hobbled out to take a couple shots!! Now the lighting was not the best and I had to play with this photo to even make it acceptable and then I played somemore and can't decide which is better to scrap! So tell me do you like the color, the sepia or the black and white better?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The future Toby Keith

My grandson Jason sang and played for me today! We tryed to do a video for you but could not get it to work!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas lights

Took me forever to get hubby to put up the Christmas lights! this is my son and him up on the roof doing the lights!

NOW I am wondering when I will get them down! I am already bugging him to take care of the decorations on the front porch since I have a broken foot! Heck the tree is still up and no one is helping me do that! I think I am in trouble since the doctor says it will take 6 weeks to heal!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A blog Challenge!

what memory stands out in your mind as a great memory of 2007!

Well I have to admitt that there were not a lot of GREAT memories of 2007! We did get our new home but before that we lived in a camper for months and physically I was having a rough time because I have neuroligical problems called occipital and trigeminal neuralgia and the bed in the camper just was not helping me!

So our pastor and his wife offered for us to move in with them until we found a place to live!

I cannot tell you how much that meant to us! It showed how much they cared and also it was a wonderful month and a half! We will always have some great memories from that period of time! Pastor gave hubby permission to get rid of any red squirrels so hubby was in his glory! Pictures are Pastor, Tina (Pastor's wife) Hubby trying to get a red squirrel. Painting I did for Tina in the computer room.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Little man

Britton is growing up so fast!! I just am amazed when ever Maria or Kevin sends me a new photo! Look how big and sweet he looks! It is so hard to have grandchildren that live far away!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I entered a contest!

I entered a scrapbooking contest on Scrapping with Grace! the first layout had to be about 2007! So I did mine about all that happen to us in 2007!

The move, the packing, trying to find a house, not being able to see our grandboys, etc.
My big concern is that it did not load good in the gallery there though. I did a contest there before and had that problem, must be the type of forum. Oh well. Maybe next week I can figure out how to load better if I load some on to the regular part of the gallery not in the contest part.

I have been trying out a few different scrapbooking sites lately, trying to find a couple busy sites. I need challenges to keep me going. I found a couple new ones I really like! One is called Scrapdiner and the other is the Scrapbook dreamer. So between the three I am keeping busy. I am also on a couple others too so yep, I am busy. But I am also painting! Oh am teaching painting! RIGHT DAWN!!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Layout of the New Year!

I did my first layout for this year! I did a layout of Noah from the day we did Christmas with the boys! The photo was auctually taken with the camera that we got for Jay and he took it!!! Pretty good job for a 6 year old if I do say so myself!!! When he opened the camera, he turned and looked at me and said,"I love you so much Grandma!" BOY that boy is special!! So is the Noah the one in the layout! OH and so is Britton my grandboy in S.C.! Can you tell I am a proud Grandma!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Boy Oh Boy am I behind!!

Yep I got way behind! I did do some scraping and definetly took some photos for Christmas! Just life got a little crazy between trying to keep up physically with the shopping, stress, decorating and all. But I can say I am finally mostly done unpacking except for bits and pieces.

Stress well that won't end I guess, I will ask for prayer, as I have some concerns with my grandsons and I won't go into that stress but someone is a big cause of stress in their lives and mine and sometimes I have a hard time dealing with it and remembering that IN HIS TIME not my time! But I do know GOD IS in Control and will deal with it in HIS WAY AND TIME! IN the mean time please continue to pray!

Some of the work I did in the past few weeks! Not a lot but here it is! I also just finished a canvas but have not gotten a photo yet!

Also a few photos from Christmas! I have to say that one of the best parts of Christmas was a few days after when the grandboys opened gifts and as the oldest Jason (6) opened his gifts, as he saw what some of his gifts were he would automaticly reply "Grandma, I love you so much!!" my heart just swelled knowing I had made his day!