Sunday, April 23, 2006

Teaching at Michaels

Had another class today at Michaels! It was another great class, I believe I have another follower!! The class was a ball, one lady "Darlene" was a real crack up! It is so fun when you have a student like her! She was a fast learner and did well and was so tickled with her pieces! Makes it all worth while!!

I am looking forward now though to getting some scrapbooking done! Between company last week and the class, I feel like my scrapbooking was but on the back burner and now it's my turn! So hoping for tomorrow!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

What is that saying about if you want a job done and busy people?

Yes I did it again! I accepted another position! The Women's group at church had their elections tonight and I was nominated for a position. So I am now Outreach Director! Sorta funny as that is where I started back in New York, then I went to Director from there and then served on the District board. Well for now I think this is enough, especially with the health issues.

Today one of my students signed up for my class at Michaels called to Michaels very upset because she can't make the class and wants me to teach it to her during another class, at the same time as I am teaching another piece (the lady is taking all and any class she can from me!!) NOW I might be a good teacher but come on I am not that good!! LOL well anyways we are working out what to do still. I still am amazed at what people expect!!!

I am hoping that tonight I might get a little more then the 3-4 hours a night sleep I have been getting! Especially since I have prep work tomorrow and I must get a layout done!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Wow Easter Day, My first day Blogging!

It was an awesome day, starting with "Sonrise Service" (nope I did not spell it wrong!)! then breakfast at church, then Sunday School and then Sunday Easter Service including our Choir Cantata which DD Directs, dh, ds and I sing in! DS had a solo and did awesome! Service ended with all singing "Because He lives" and I could not help it, the tears streamed, which was obvious to all since the choir was still standing up front as that was directly after the choir finished the Cantata!
Went to DD, Mindy's for dinner, first time I have not had to make a holiday dinner ( I enjoyed that!) after a rainy start, it ended up so pretty out! Got some wonderful pictures of the kids during the Easter Egg hunt!
I then enjoyed a peaceful walk with my granddaughter Chelsea, we had a nice talk! They grow up so fast! Chelsea is my stepgranddaughter and came into our lives when she was 5, she will be 11 in another 6 weeks and it just does not seem possible! She has grown so fast and is becoming a beautiful(inside and out) soon to be teenager.
I know one thing I am sure am tired too! Tomorrow must remember to call about my bp!