Friday, March 28, 2008



April 4-6, 2008 at 2 SASSY SCRAPPERS

There will be lots of great prizes and lots of fun! BUT first you need to register and that is where the first chance at a prize begins! OH AND MINE!

EACH person that registers then goes to the link below and says they registered and says who referred them, which by the way is me
SUSIEQ will be entered into a drawing for a rak. If you join now you will still have time to be entered more times because you will have time to get your friends to join too!


Leave me a comment letting me know you joined and what named you are under just so I know for my own curiosity!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Did a layout for a blog challenge!

Did a layout for a challenge on Tabitha's blog Zippity do dah but I killed two birds with one stone and also did the sketch challenge on Dragonfly Time

The Journaling reads "Somethings are better left unsaid"... I can still remember hearing my grandmother use this phrase when she found out my father told us kids that grandpa Brown was our "Step Grandfather". I am so glad I found out back then because it always made me feel x-tra special that you loved me anyways! I never doubted!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One week left to March! YEAH!!!

I am so glad that it is almost spring! Yes the calendar says spring but I mean really spring! I thought I would share just a few more Easter photos!

Darling Daughter Mindy and her hubby Michael. They have been married since 2001. I am patiently waiting for grandchildren from them! Hoping for the granddaughter I don't have yet!

My oldest grandson Jason and me! Jason loves this photo!
He says "that's a cool picture Grandma, I like it!" guess that means I better scrap it!

My daughter and me! I have been told many times we look alike but I don't think Mindy appreciates this comment!
That is all for the family shots but I do have one more photo I really want to share!

Last but not least: the poor misused dog did not get anything from the Easter Bunny so she is sadly watching Noah enjoy his basket!

I also wanted to share with you that I have recovered from the disappointed of not making the Dt on the other site, I like the other site as it was still small and building up and I wanted to watch it grow but I will still visit but I have not given up my quest! I have been on a Dt before and I know I am good enough and I know my devotion to a site! So I am off and running again! I have also decided that I may also try for some blogs as I frequent them and love so many! I love a good challenge and it gives me the Mojo I feed on!

Another site I belong to is having a contest for DT Scrapstreet members at this site will be able to vote for members layouts so Just remember I may need you to be my cheerleaders!
The first challenge was to look at designs from Paris week and get our inspiration from there! Here is my entry for Week #1

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lots of Easter Photos!

First the bad news! I did not make it to week 4!

Now for fun! HERE are some of my photos from Easter! Just want to say that my grandson Noah is hard to get good photos of unless you catch him naturally! SO watch for all the closed eyes and funny facial expressions on the little guy!
See my hands!!!

See the hat the Easter Bunny left in Noah's Basket! Isn't it a riot!

Looking for where the Easter Bunny hid the baskets!
This is not an Easter Egg Grandma! Where did it come from?
Trying to get an egg out of the bush!
NOW that is a strange place for an egg!
Found more! (right before the wipe out! oh the knee of those pants!!!)
Check out these faces! finally the last one is doable! not great but doable!

I have not done any photo editing yet so Noah's little sore below his lip still shows
his face is not dirty!!! If anyone has any suggestions how to get him to not close his eyes/squint and to not look away I would love them! Or do I just have to wait till he is older! LOL
Jason's photo came out Perfect the first time
Together and NOT FIGHTING!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time to show you what I have been up to!

I found a great Scrapbooking forum the beginning of February. I have really taken a great liking to this site! The people are great there!
The crops are AWESOME! As a matter of Fact I won one of the drawings for the crop we had the end of February! I have not gotten my prize yet but I have heard they are terrific and knowing Jodie the owner I am sure they are!

When I joined there they had just started a sign up for a Dt contest that was different then any I had ever seen! This Dt contest is one where each week has a challenge which is put up on Monday and the layouts must be done on Friday and then the next Monday, there are eliminations and a new challenge! It is stressful but the end result is that I will have some great layouts either way!

We cannot post our layouts anywhere but in the layout on the site and here on our blog, so I have decided to show you my layouts. We are now into the 3rd week and Surprise! I am still in!! Hope showing you week 3 does not jinx me! LOL!!

NOW before I show the layouts I do want to tell you where this Wonderful site is...
You need to come see all the layouts and see how beautiful the site is.. ( I don't know who designed the site but it is striking!!!) SCRAP4LIFE The Gallery is on fire!!

Week #1 our challenge was to use Bling or glitter
My Layout is Ice Prince

Week #2 got harder we had to have prominent use some kind of clear element in our design—transparencies, ghost letters, acrylic items.
My layout is Maui.. Grand adventure

Then when we did not think it could not get any harder
Week #3 the challenge is to create a layout using a self-made embellishment. In addition to this, you must use 4-5 photos AND use a mixture of black&white and color photos! EEEKKK!!

My Layout is A Perfect Match-
Journaling reads: My sweet Britton, I remember like it was yesterday, when they first put you into grandma's arms. So tiny and so perfect. I can remember how nervous mommy and daddy were to do everything just right. They could not have been prouder of you. The funny part about them worrying is that I know God picked them especially for you! We would never have guessed back then that you would be diagnosed mildly autistic, But it does not matter because God made you and mommy and daddy "a Perfect Match" because they are so good at helping you to learn and to overcome! Thank you God!

I hope you liked them and I hope you will check out Scrap4Life
Please remember to think of me 9 am Monday morning when the next Challenge
is posted! That is also when we find out what 10 are eliminated
and which 11 go on!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Its Wednesday! Are you like me and don't like Wednesdays? Don't know exactly why just never like Wednesdays! Seems like a blah yucky day! Okay tell me I am crazy!

I would like to ask all you scrapbookers, cardmakers, papercrafters a favor! There is a forum that needs some help! I am on a Dt there, it is a very very small site that has no store and no sponsers. The site cannot get sponsers right now because it is so small that no one is willing to sponser her! I would like to see the site build up, so that Jean can get some sponsers! Please go over and visit, peak around, post a couple posts, say hello! Make her day.
Also I did want to add the if you have a store/site and want to sponser Jeans site, it would generate more business to your site! Even just through my blog too and through her site. Please help Jean build her dream! Thanks in advance!
The site is Jeanartdolls rubberstamping and scrapbooking

I tell you what between now and the end of March everyone who goes and joins and posts at least 10 posts will be put in a drawing for a Rak. I have a brand new Rhonna Farrer stamp I got a duplicate of and some ribbon I also got a duplicate to start. With every 5 that register I will add to the Rak. BUT you must come back here and Post and tell me that you have registered and your nickname (member name)!

Okay I think I will show you some more new layouts

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Just wanted to share with you today a layout about LUCK!

I also thought I would share that the baby album went over well and I thought I would share the rest of the pages also!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A baby book!

I am working hard on a baby album for a shower for a sweet couple that just adopted a new baby girl "Emma Joy". They attend our church and have waited a long time for this!
I have 10 pages done and ten to go! So I thought I would share the pages I have done with you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Naming our Farm house on the Hill!

First I have to say that I hope hubby doesn't have a bird because I forgot to ask him last night what he thought of the name I finally choose but I really think he is going to like it too!
This is a photo of a Moose skull that we had at our house in Mn. and I liked it so much we brought it with us when we moved back to N.Y.. It was somewhat common for Mn. but unique for N.Y.
Are you starting to get any ideas towards the name?

Well what I came up with and I will be Painting a sign for it... is
I am excited about the name I finally choose! I really like it!

Now I would like to share something else I am excited about! A new stamp system
I think is awesome and I want badly and some totally awesome stamps too! This is
a really great company and they sell kits too!
The Unity Stamp Company

also make sure and stop by their blog and leave a comment for a chance at a great prize!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am so ready for SPRING!

Thinking of spring makes me miss my gardens in Minnesota! The house we have for sale in Minnesota has the most beautiful gardens, some because of what was there when we moved there and some I added to it!

Let me take you on a walk through my gardens in Minnesota!~

I hope to make my gardens here at the house in New York just as pretty! Which by the way I have been wanting to come up with a name for our little farm home on the hill and I finally did! BUT if you want to find out what it is you will just have to come back tomorrow because THAT IS TOMORROWS POST!!!

Ok lets get started on our walk!

Well I don't know about you but the walk made me thirst so if you head over to the patio, I will go get us some lemonade and we can sit and relax and just take in the fresh smells of Spring! (HEY! WE CAN DREAM CAN'T WE! I really am ready for Spring!)