Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jason's late afternoon trip to the doctors!


Today I went outside with the boys to take pictures of my gardens while the boys played, after finishing the pictures, I notice Jason has gone to sit on the steps and so I snapped a picture.
Then I asked him why he was sitting there and he said, "me too hot grandma, I want to go inside and play." So we all went inside. Shortly after getting inside he begins to cry his ear hurts and I mean sobbing, and this is someone who is a mr. tough guy. I take his temp and it is 99.8 but he is just grabbing his ear in pain. I know he is in way to much pain to wait till tomorrow even though it is now 3 pm. So I call the doctors office and they say be here by 4pm no later (it is now 315) now let me tell you that from here to the doctors office is about 40 minutes doing best time and I still have to grab diapers for Noah and put noahs sandels back on!
I flew to the doctors office and I made it and they said it is one bad ear infection. Jason said, it hurt when you were cleaning the kitchen too grandma real bad but I didn't tell you. So now I have told him that he does not wait to tell me.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today I took in one of the pieces for one of my next classes and the class I was teaching went nuts so I guess it is a big hit. It is a paper mache box with faces for all seasons based on a design by Shara Reiner. I had to adapt the size quite a bit as I could not get the box she originally did the design on so it was a chore to change it to fit but I am pleased with the outcome.

Hoping this one will pull in a lot of newcomers too!
Deb has decided to go to HOOT! so now I have someone to ride with me! so relieved as I was worried how I was going to make the trip on my own!!! Hoping Linda won't mind a third person in the room!

Tomorrow Jay and Amy move in! Posted by Picasa

Memorial Day weekend!

Got some help from the troops at home this weekend! Something unusual for a change!! Noah and Pop pops helped with the vacuming! Will was informed unless he buys a vacume soon ( in NY we had central vacume and when DD was living with us after moving here we used hers so now we still don't have one here so we keep borrowing ones and I just can't use them because they are not easy ones to use and with my neck I have to have ones that self propel.) so I informed him I refuse to vacume so live with dog hair,etc. He puts it off because the self propelled ones aren't cheap and he is mr. cheap himself....

Memorial day we went to Colleen's from Church for a picnic. Jay Jay was being just like dad and climing the trees, Aunt Mindy took a picture of dad in the other tree at the same time!
Right after we ate lunch, they started a soft ball game, I missed the picture of Jay jay hitting the ball at his first up to bat, then before he could get up to bat again his dad hit a ball way across the dirt road into the field and Colleen fell in the road going to get it and cut her leg open badly so I took her to the hospital for stitches so never got any more pictures.
Did I say very badly!!! SHE got 24 stitches in her knee!! I knew the moment I looked at the knee it was bad. She hates for people to make a fuss and was worried about her husband so she tied a bandana she was wearing on her head around it, so I was the only one who ever saw how bad it was and so when we came back and I told them 24 stitches, no one would believe me!! It looked like a big smile on her knee.
So much for a relaxful day!!! But she took it very well!

Well this week is the week Amy and Jason move in, so Lord I am trusting this is the right decision!!
Yesterday Wendy moved back, and I will no longer have the responsibility of helping her and I am so relieved! She was so much more mentally ill and manipulitive then I ever realized. I am hoping that the release of that stress will help me physically also.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It is time for you to meet the Beauty of the Family!

Beauty is our 12 year old half beagle and half border collie dog! She is one of the best behaved dogs I know and smart too!
When we were living in upstate N.Y. she awoke us one night right before we moved by barking a bark that I knew something was wrong. Turns out someone was trying to break into the neighbors house. She knew it was not them! We called them and they in turn called the police. Turns out the lady was higher then a kite! Beauty got a bag full of treats from the neighbors!

I am doing a photo challenge on The Memory Safe that Jaci has posted and so yesterday I was outside taking some photos and I took a few tilted photos of my birdbath the kids gave me for Mother's day but I thought I would put the one I took of it that is not tilted on my blog also!

Today is Chelsea's birthday! It is so hard to believe she is already 11! So she chose to go out to The Outback for dinner so I will probaly be writing more tonight or else I will just wait and add it tomorrow!

Friday, May 19, 2006

My Class at Michaels (last night thursday)

Wow what a class, this was suppose to be the last of the class but I am scheduling an extra night! There is a gentlemen in the class that is so slow and demanding and he seems to just take over the class and slow the whole class down. He is a very large man and he will seem very nice and then all of a sudden he will act annoyed about something and he gets very angry acting and auctually scares me!

So anyways it is taking us so long to finish this piece and even his girlfriend who is in the class too acts like she is annoyed with him being in the class. So now we will have to work on it again together. The class is doing it on the file folder pictured but I usually work on something that is a little larger so they can see mine better when painting with them so I am putting mine on a wooden scrapbook album cover, so I am anxious to get it done! Today I also painted on a layout of my grandson Jason!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wow I got Tagged!

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. Reg. Nurse
2. Decorative Artist Teacher
3. Waitress
4. Cross Stitch Stretcher
Four movies you would watch again:
1. Ever after
2. Pretty Women
3. Narnia
4. Wizard of Oz
Four places you have lived:
1. Johnson City N.Y.
2. East Windsor, N.Y.
3. West Columbia, S.C.
4. Plainview, Mn.
Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. American Idol
2. CSI
3. Trading Spaces
4. Gilmore Girls
Four places you have been on vacation:
1. Puerto Rico
2. St. Kitts
3. Bar Harbor, Maine
4. Maui
Four websites I visit daily:
1. scrapjazz
2. the memory safe
3. Painting for fun and profit
4. Ebay
Four of my favorite foods:
1. Pizza
2. chicken and biscuit
3. bananas
4. mango
Four places I would rather be right now:
1. sleeping in bed (its after 2 am and I can't sleep)
2. In NY visiting all my friends
3. in S.C. visiting my grandbaby and my mom and my son
4. Maui
Four names of your children you may or may not have?
1. Kevin James(DS)
2. Malinda Sue (DD)
3. Jason Michael (DS)and now grandson too
4. Britton William (grandson named after his great great grandfather and my hubby)
Now I tag: Shawn, Elise, and *Jeanne*

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Jay Jay's Birthday!

Jay Jay was so excited about his birthday! It was so delightfully refreshing! He absolutely loved the gift we got him! What a great find! We found this really neat 4 level house and multi garage that this man had built for his grandson for his play cars and lego people with oodles and oodles of roads to go with it. All perfect for his matchbox cars. The neat part is the guy never got around to painting it for the kid who is now 16 and so of course that is why they sold it and so Jay and I are going to paint it together. It also has a huge base it sits on (sorta like the ones you get for thomas the train) that was painted with green for grass. But jay can't get over all the roads! Everyone keeps saying WoW there is way more then 25. in lumber just in the roads and that would still be useable wood. It was an awesome deal and I think it will be in the family for years to come~~

My little boy is growing up so fast, it is so hard to believe he is 5 and school age! I felt overwhelmed many times today when I thought of his age!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Awesome Roses!

Went to Chelsea and Emily's school for Grandparents day and came home to a big box on the front steps! WHAT A WONDERFUL PRIZE WAS INSIDE!

ROSES for Mother's Day from my wonderful Son Kevin in S.C. and his lovely wife Maria and my little charming grandson Britton! What a beautiful day! I love my gift and there was even a box of chocolate with the roses!!!

And there is also a photo challenge going on, so I have taken a picture of the roses from above to complete the challenge and to also make everyone envious of my lovely gift!!! They smell heavenly!!! Posted by Picasa

Fustration with blogger!

I spent hours yesterday trying to figure out how to add a slider and how to add the links. It tells how to add links but I can't find the area. I built a website years ago from html but now I feel useless. This is the times when my meds make me so stinken mad! I feel like the have eaten up brain cells! More proof why I can't go back to work as a nurse! I just can't do things that take a whole lot of thought process anymore! I am so blasted mad!!! OH well guess I need to go get ready, going to my granddaughters school for a grandparents breakfast today!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The best time! Just what I needed

My painting friend came from NY to visit!
she calls me her secound daughter, she feels like a secound mom, yet even more! What a joy! She flew in on wed. On friday we drove to Viking woodcrafts and bought some woodsupplies and some great painting books for 1.95!!! Then we drove to Plymouth for the weekend for a painting seminar with national teacher Judy Diephouse and a whole weekend in a hotel with no household duties, no cooking! Just relaxing at the hotel each night! and enjoying each others company, it was awesome! then sunday night it was back home! Then monday we went to a crafters consignment store and browsed an antique store! Then played Rummycube!

BUT NOW she is gone! But I am still filled with the joy of her visit and getting ready to scrap a layout from the picture above! to try to keep that light of joy burning! Thank you Nancy for a wonderful week!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Here I sit Blogging at 3:45 am because I can't sit due to my darn neck! But then I will totally admitt to overdoing it the past few days!

And of course driving 1 and 1/2 hours and back to the Minn. airport to pickup my dear friend Nancy was not great for it either, not to mention sitting in the endodontist chair for the root canal. But having Nancy here is great! I so miss my friends from New York!!

I also need to remember to tell the gals on TMS about Nancy's daughter's website and her wonderful charms and such! NOW there is someone who can stamp and alter items! Donna is absolutely awesome at that and she has made her own stamps and even made stamps from her grandmothers art! SO COOL!

More bad news today, Grandson Britton being tested for Autism, but they feel if he has it, it is only a very mild case.. I am trusting God and I am very pleased in how well mom and dad are dealing so far too. It is so hard to be so far away though! Wish I could just jump on a plane and fly to S.C.
Sure do love that little guy