Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!!!

So cold that all I can do is scrap and play on the puter! Got a few more layouts done!
Cleaned the kitchen and talked on the phone with Anne which always makes me smile!

Do you know someone who can bring a smile to your face no matter how bad the day! Well that is Anne. Funny thing is I meant Anne on line on a facebook game and she has become my best friend! Unfortanelty she lives in Virginia. She and I have so much in common which is cool but the best part about her is the fact that she can always make me smile or even better laugh!

SHe really needs to give me a photo of her so I can scrap a layout about her and one of these days I really really want to meet her in person. Although I can't go to her house and stay cause she is known as the cat lady and I am allergic to cats! LOL so I guess thats one things we don't have in common!!
Also finding out that her hubby and mine have alot in common!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

Sharing another layout and also wanted to tell you about a chance to win a gift certificate for some wonderful cardstock! Just head over to Cut Cardstocks blog and enter there contest!

I am down today and not sure I can even scrap tomorrow as I had quite a few trigger point injections today. Hoping maybe tomorrow will be okay but sometimes I have two days down so we shall see.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Yeah! Scrapping again and MY WORD FOR THIS YEAR IS....

So I got one layout done and going to scrap more today!

Hopefully that will give me the pick me up I need!

The boys really enjoyed Christmas and it was such a blessing that they were appreciative and there was no "is there anymore" etc.

I know it's hard on them with the situation but golly you would not know and they sure show me and grandpa and aunt Mindy and uncle Mike a lot of love!

In the photos even Jack and Nikki got into the photos! LoL (although WHY are they up on the couch MIKE!)

We did miss Beauty that morning as she always knew she would get treats in her stocking too! In fact I could not bare to hang if for the other dogs! Mike got us a special ornament that is a dog paw with a spot for her photo and ironically we had bought an ornament for Jason that is red with paw prints on it to help remember her too. We will have to hang them together! Rest in peace Beauty ( we miss you!)

Golly 2009 Was a rough year!! and 2010 has started out kinda Rocky too! SO NOW I AM READY FOR SOME GOOD TIMES and trusting God will be faithful and even if they are rough I know He will carry me through!

I am going to take the losses from 2009 turn them into some beautiful scrap book pages honoring those I lost! ( I LOVE and MISS you Mom) and I am going to make this year a year of honoring and a year of ENJOYMENT! Grieving is going to be there but not my life!