Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A very special day!

MY oldest grandson's very first official Baseball game! AND CAN I SAY I AM VERY PROUD OF MY GRANDSON, Jason Michael jr. His team lost but they gave it their best and with a score of 7-15 My grandson made 3 of his teams 7 runs! YEP I am proud! he kept his head in the game (never left for one minute, even when nature called, whoops! hey he is only 7 (well in a couple weeks!) Now don't tell him I told you about that but I thought you might notice the wet shirt in some of the photos!

I also want to say it was freezing out! AND I MEAN FREEZIng! we were wearing gloves and winter coats and freezing! SO can you imagine those poor baseball players, especially if they somehow got "WET" burrrrrrrrr~
OH and I just have to add in one of the cheering section!

Monday, April 28, 2008

A awesome new product!

Some recent winners on my blog are about to receive their raks and in with their raks they are going to get a new cool product from Daisy Bucket! I love it!! It is curling ribbon!! And just so you will get an idea of what to do with it, I am putting up a layout with it on it! So here is my little monkey Noah!

I (heart) u to infinity and beyond!

That's my boy Britton! I don't get to see him much! I want him to know I sure do love him! SO if you see him tell him his grandma loves him so much!

Just for a little information to all those winning on my blog birthday~~ I got a little slowed down waiting for addresses and due to some high blood pressure but everything is set now and as and added surprise I threw in a special gift to one of the mailed prizes! I just let the boys pick one and that's who got it! SO I am not saying who so you will all be surprised but I will give you a hint... It is way for something I did to light your path and NO hint who gets it!!! hee hee I love surprises!!! coming soon to a house in your neighboorhood! I would really appreciate it if each person would let me know when their gift arrives! THANKS and Have a glorious week!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A few new layouts

getting a little bit of scrapping done while feeling a little under the weather! Things have not been so well for me lately and I seem to be having a bit more problems neurologically! But I know that God is in CONTROL!!
Here are my layouts!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yesterdays Birthday winners! the final winner and grand prize winner

First let me say I am sorry it is so late! I waited for my grandson's to wake up to draw and then Go to take the photos and my camera battery was exhausted! then after waiting awhile I thought duh I will just use my grandson's camera, which I did! JUST one problem! PLEASE IGNORE THE DATE one the photos! PLEASE TRUST Me these photos were not taken in Jan. of 2004!~ FIRST of all Noah the youngest was born Dec. 27th 2003 and as you can see in the first photo he is much older then just under 1 month! LOL.!

I want to thank everyone for participating and also say I still need a few address in order to mail out the gifts! I have enjoyed the party so much and really had a great time! so without further ado, my grandsons drew names and will show you yesterdays winner first and then the grandprize winner!

Okay MR. Noah pleas show us who won the prize for yesterdays drawing!

And next we put all of yesterdays comments into the basket Twice as promised! here is the basket with all the slips from all the comments from the whole week~

AND NOW JASON is drawing the GRAND PRIZE WINNER~ HE PICKED A FAVORITE NAME HE IS ROOTING FOR! LOL BUT he did not draw the draw the name he liked! I think it is because it is a name he could sound out and read (really easy name) LOL SO anyways here he is with the winners Name!!!!!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 Years! LET the Party Begin!

I am ready to PARTY!!! I hope your are! I cannot believe that I have been blogging for 2 years! I can still remember my first post and how nervous I was! WOW my blog has changed so much from how it looked back then!

First lets get on with yesterday winner! there are 7 names in todays drawing and out of the 7 names 6 have already won so there is a 6 out of 7 chance that it is going to be a duplicate winner!
so let's see if it is....... My grandson is here today and I letting him draw and guess what..

Congratulations! if you could leave an email in your comment I will email you unless you know me from a site, as I am not sure how you found me!

SO NO duplicates yet! NOW REMEMBER ALL COMMENTS TODAY GIVE YOU TWO tickets in the GRAND DRAWING!!! SO lets see if we can have lots of posts today and end this party with a bang!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thankful Tuesday! MORE Raks!

Well I am working on the cake but I think I should bake more then one!

Today being Thankful tuesday I am going to share what I am thankful for! I am thankful for God who loves us so much that he let his son die for me and for you! I am so thankful for my family and also for my church family. Right now our church is going through a rough time due to some people that are not following God but Mans way and are gossiping and spreading rumours! I ask if you are someone who prays to pray for my church! Also thankful for all my internet friends

Today I would like to share my newest layout with you that is of my sweeet grandson Noah but I will tell you that this is also a scraplift from Kristi on Memorable Seasons! (Giving credit where Credit is deserved!)

I bet some of you are dying to know who won yesterdays drawing! I did not forget although I do have a slight problem with yesterdays drawing and that is that the winner is someone that I am not sure if I know for sure! LOL ThE WINNER IS JUDY!
JUDY I am guessing I know you from Scrap4Life but if you could leave me a comment letting me know where I know you from! Then if that is it I will have you Pm me there with your snail mail. But also leave here that way you are in for todays drawing and it confirms it is the same person! LOL!

NOW FOR ALL COMMENTS FOR THE RAK TODAY I would like to ask one request.. Please share at least one thing you are thankful for! THANKS I appreciate it!

Monday, April 14, 2008


WOW only 2 more days till my blog is 2 years old! I cannot believe it! THINGS ARE MOVING FAST!
Only 4 names to draw from for yesterdays drawing! THE LUCKY WINNER OF YESTERDAYS DRAWING IS ...............



Lisa! congratulations! Lisa since you registered at 2 scrappy sisters can you send me a pm there with your snail mail addy!

Everyone keep on posting! and everyones names when into the grand prize drawing!

Today I though I would share with you an altered item I just made!I know it is not Christmas time but I was in the mood. This is a cone available at Michaels, JoAnns etc. or you can use actual thread cone. you will need to punch a hole in two opposite sides of the large open end of the cone. Then I used my favorite paste to put on the scrapbook pattern paper with. YOU can use what ever paste you want, modge podge etc. Then I inked the edges of the cone to add a antiqued look! I then inked the holly leaves and berry technique tuesday chipboard and glued that on. I also added A Joy rub-on and (on side not pictured) a peace on earth rub-on! Inside for now I stuck in some greenery a fake candy cane a few bells etc. (at Christmas time I want to do chocolates, candy canes and a gift certificate) oh and the red and white ribbon threaded through the two holes to hang it!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


TIME FOR SATURDAYS RAK drawing sorry I am so late but I did not have time before church and sunday school to post!

The winner for yesterdays posting has the neatest blog! She makes her own stamps so I am not only going to post her name but a link to her blog so you can check out JESSICA LYNN's Blog also! CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA LYNN Jessica please email with your snail mail! ONCE again I will not be sending out Raks till after the final drawing incase of multiple wins!
PLEASE EVERYONE COME BACK AND COMMENT AGAIN FOR MORE CHANCES TO WIN! I have entered everyones name from yesterdays comments into the grand prize drawing!

Here is a layout I did yesterday of my dil Maria and grandson Britton the day after Britton was born! Maria is an awesome mom! She does great working with Britton, he is mildly autistic and she just does wonders with him!

Good luck to all who enter tomorrows drawing!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Decorations and more Raks!

Wow can't believe how fast the week is going! I drew from 10 names this time and the winner of Fridays drawing is mustangkayla~~ Congratulations~

My grandson was being quite the little card today and so I could not resist sharing a few photos with you!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fabulous Friday! ESPECIALLY for LORA!!!

Congratulations LORA!! you are the only one that came to visit yesterday so You WIN! leave me your addy on a pm over at 2 Sassy Scrappers! And remember I am not mailing any Raks out till the end incase you win again, so I can save in postage!!1

NOW I am finally finished with My layout for week three of the contest over at Scrapstreet so I can show it to you! Actually this weeks challenge was to make a layout and three cards all with Stars on them and a paper in common! they are suppose to look like a set! WOW a challenge! more then I thought! Would have been easier if I had more of the paper I wanted to use in the layout! So I would love it if you wanted to go to the Scrapstreet Star contest and vote for me! Course that does mean if you don't belong to Scrapstreet you will have to join!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Day 2

Okay my party hat is on now! SO remember
everone too keep posting to win a rak!
sorry I never got the layout up yesterday I am really being picky with this one!

AND SORRY THiS post is so late today! HERE IS MY DAY SO FAR! I had a migraine last night so could not finish the layout, woke up with it still today! IT was calming down a bit so I decide to go outside and put seed in the birdfeeders and I can't explain how I did it very well but end up cutting my thump open on the rusty pipe that the one bird feeder is on.

Well it did not need stitches, I knew that right away even though it was bleeding but guess what was not up to date! So off I went for a tetanus shot! Then while waiting in the doctors office the headache comes back full force so I am back to suffering from a migraine but I have to finish my layout and matching 3 cards!`

So I am drawing a name quickly! I was going to take photos of Noah doing it but Sorry just not up to it so I am just doing it quickly now!

Congratulations JENN.... Now remember all three will be entered into the April 16th final Drawing! JENN if you will Pm your address to me at Scrap 4 life! I will not send your gift however till after the final drawing so as to save postage in case you win the final too or if you win any more SO KEEP POSTING!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

April 16th my blog will be 2 years old! SO I am having a blog party and everyone is invited! AND YOU GET THE GIFTS NOT ME!!! SO LET'S start the PARTY

April 16th is the 2nd year Birthday of my blog and I am doing a year long birthday bash! EVERYONE IS INVITED! Starting today you will be entered into a daily drawing for a rak for a prize each day till the 16th when you make a comment! Some days you might have to answer a question or something like that! THe final day the big day I will take all the names from each day plus double count on posts from April 16th for the grand prize!

SO the clowns are getting the Balloons ready and I am getting all the gifts ready! SO come and join me for the first drawing! I may come back and edit this later to add a layout I am working on so for today if you post early before the layout and come back then post again you will get 2 chances!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008


Happy Monday! WOW AM I BEHIND! Guess I have been busy with Contest and such!

First before I forget, ON My LAST post I talk about a RAK! WELL some have commented about being in the drawing but I need to remind all that In order to be in the drawing I need a link to your entry from my challenge!

NEXT there is a birthday bash to invite you too! IN 9 days my blog will be 2 years old and I am going to give away away a week long pile of raks starting on THIS WED. April 9th Thru to my blog birthday which will be the GRAND RAK on April 16th which 2 years ago just on a side note was Easter Day (A day of New Life and a First day of blogging for me, how interesting IMHO) So make sure you are here on WED to POST YOUR COMMENTS BECAUSE YOU CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON't POST! OH AND FOR THE FINAL WIN I AM GOING TO TAKE EACH PERSON WHO COMMENTS AND PUT THERE NAME INTO THE DRAWING FOR EACH TIME THEY POST BUT ON THE AUCTUAL BIRTHDAY IT COUNTS DOUBLE! OH AND AS AN EXTRA CATCH I MAY EVEN POST MORE THEN ONCE A DAY IF I FIND SOMETHING WORTH BLOGGING ABOUT! I may even giveaway something not scrapbooking like a handpainted item too! LOL!

I want to make it really fun!

NOW one more thing the Scrapbooking contest I entered on well I made the vote through Week 2. AND now I need to work on week 3 but will leave you will the layout from week 2! Thanks for looking! WOuLD YOU HAVE VOTED FOR ME? LOL oh don't worry you got to vote for 7 others besides me! LOL

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!! WiN A RAK!!!!!!!

I thought I would share how GOD touched me on Saturday!
Saturday I was in charge of a Ladies Brunch for a Zone Ladies Days out for Our District . This involves 8 churches from our district.

We had a theme of "TURNING YOUR SCRAPS INTO SCULPTURES" which is what we do in scrapbooking but also is what we can do with so many parts of our lifes!

The hall was decorated wonderfully, my centerpieces came out great IMHO and all was set! but barely anyone attended! WHAT HAPPEN, I don't really know but what I do know is
OUR SPEAKER DIANE BAILEY was awesome, she touched me, she touched others with what she had to say about "TURNING YOUR SCRAPS INTO SCULPTURES" Diane admits to being one of the least crafty persons but she turns her scraps into sculptures with the way she uses her gifts to minister to others, to worship the Lord. To that I can testify as I have seen Diane in action!

The guest Singer, Missy Jones was excellent also and the song she chose was excellent to tie into our theme.

My wonderful helper, Tina Larson was able to acquire some Tape sculptures from her High school students at Athens High school for part of our Decorations!

JUST wondering what Scraps that the Lord gives you USE TO TURN INTO SCULPTURES! THINK ABOUT IT AND IF YOU ARE NOT USING THEM.... REMEMBER how much you hate to throw away those scrapbook Pattern Paper scraps.... I am challenging you to make a layout out of scraps about turning "YOUR SCRAPS INTO SCULPTURES" I will draw a name for a rak out of all the links I get with layouts for my challenge. I will post the rak later! (Sorry but right now I can't think of a rak and I want it to be good!)