Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I spent last night watching tv with the kids and cuddling! I will miss having them around but I will enjoy the quiet! I just wanted to say how great it was to cuddle and how great my grandkids are! just some information on the photos! Jay Jay (the oldest boy) and I started cuddling and of course Noah had to join! Noah who won't keep a shirt on lately!!!! He also is Mr. Jealous! Then Emily decided she wanted to be in the photo to so she came and cuddled too but that was okay cause I will take all the cuddles I can get! BY THE WAY JUST TO ADD I WENT TO THE DENTIST SO I LOOK EVEN MORE PALE AND YUCKY THEN USUAL! LOL!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Emily's Birthday!

Grandma threw Emily a birthday party! The theme (what else!) a scrapbooking party! THEY HAD SO MUCH FUN! Aunt Mindy came to help Grandma with the party because Mommy just stayed downstairs in her bedroom watching the tv the whole time except to come up for a plate of food!
But Grandma enjoyed herself with the girls and mommy had already told me "I HATE SCRAPBOOKING" and Emily just loves it! The girls were so bubbly just like my sweet little Emily! I feel sad that they will be most likely taking her out of a school district where Emily is doing exceptionly well and made so many great friends! Emily will miss them! they have helped with her self esteem alot and so has Aunt Mindy and Grandpa!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Scrapbook Chalet Survivor Contest Starts!

Yesterday was the first day of the Chalet Survivor Contest- and I managed to get my layout done for Challenge #1 done and up by the end of the first day! In fact I was the first one done and I am pleased with the layout! Although the blue in the pattern paper does not show up well on line! I really don't expect to win with all the great talent in the contest but I do expect to be motivated to get some great layouts done!!!!

journaling is hidden under hinged door, the edge of door says S.W.A.K.

Journaling reads....When Jay Jay was a baby, he would all of a sudden charge toward Grandma and attack her with slobbery kisses! On this day Grandpa just happen to be taking photos! The large photo is Jay Jay on his sneak attack! Photos from 3-28-02

By the way... Be sure and come check out all the fun at the Scrapbook Chalet! AND VOTE FOR ME! :-) !

Friday, January 05, 2007

My favorite photo of the year!!

I guess because my mom got to come visit! and because her and Noah had so much fun together! I have plans for the layout but have not done it yet! I enjoyed the visit so much at thanksgiving and cannot wait for another visit! I also cannot wait to go to s.c. for a visit but I don't know when that will happen right now!!

Will I ever catch up! NO!

Can you believe that I am this far behind? Course I tend to do layouts that are recent and barely ever do the old ones!!! I was always someone who took loads of photos even before scrapbooking! so I will never scrap them all!