Monday, June 30, 2008

Back Home!

I am home again! Thank you to all that prayed for my dad! He still can use lots more prayer, his road to recovery is long, and he is getting a bed sore on his heel also!

My trip had some great points! Spending quality time with my mom! (spending time with my dad too but it was not really quality in his condition, and well you know what men are like when they are sick!!!)

Just watching the hummingbirds with my mom was a joy!

We took apart the old nasty photo albums and worked on getting the photos into "Acid Free" albums and I took some old photos and worked on the computer correcting and enhancing them. When my aunt saw them she suddenly produced some old old family photos and I really got to enhance some! I scrap a few so far but can't wait to scrap them now that I am home and have all my supplies!!!

I also took mom shopping to get a supply of groceries built up in the cupboards and the freezer. We went to sams and she used the electric wheelchair just so she did not tire out so easy! It was fun! Glad my uncle could stay with my dad for us to do it! Just tasting the samples with her was fun! While we were out we went to the dollar store and she bought frames for the photos I restored and enlarged. I altered them for my mom and she loved them!

I got to see my grandson, son and dil who live down in S.C. twice while I was there and that was great too! THey live about 2 hours from me! Britton my middle grandson (8 days older then my youngest grandson is a sweetie!) He called my mom and me, grandma and grandma! LOL

The first Saturday the came down my niece and her boys came over, and my nephew and niece in law and their boys came over also so I got to see and enjoy more family!

It was great to see My grandson with my parents too~ So many children never know their great grandparents!

It was a joy to come home and be greeted with load of kisses from my other two grandsons, Jason and Noah! I most defiantly felt missed! OH of course hubby had some kisses in there too! The boys were insistent that I rode in the back seat with them right in the middle!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thought I better update!!!

My dad is not progressing as well as expected so I had to change my flight and I am staying longer in S.C. I am concerned as my mother's breathing is not doing so well also! So please pray for both of my parents!

I have helped coach both my niece and my nephews wife on how to start a blog while I have been down here so it will be nice to be able to see photos of my great nephews! I did scrap a photo this morning of my great nephew. My nephews wife Mica started scrapping at one time and so I used some of her supplies. I am trying to upload it and when I succeed I will post it!

Thanks for all the prayers so far! and thanks for those in the future!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Dad is doing well!

Thank you for your prayers! he is still in a lot of pain! My mom's breathing is another story! this is rough on her! But again thank you all for your prayers!

Hey I want you to check out a new blog! it is a blog about a cool new site but when you check it out you must leave a comment and tell them that I sent you! Please please don't forget! I could win a great prize if you do!

hey here is a cool photo that is a blast from the past! I am scanning alot of my mom's old photos! this is me and my big brother.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well I made it to S.C.

I think I am already missing scrapping! they just delivered the hospital bed for my dad for when he gets home from his surgery and I was making the bed and thought oh I like these sheets together, one was striped, the other flowered. I told my mom they matched good even though I was thinking humm if they were pattern papers, I would put them together on a layout!

My second flight was not so good! I won't share the miserable details but I sure hope the fly back is better!

Here is a layout I did before I left! Inspired by an ad challenge by Jen on Memorable Seasons!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have awesome News!

I was chosen to be the July Guest Designer for 2 Sassy Scrappers!
I cannot tell you how honored I feel! The blog entry that Lora wrote about me has made me walk around my house today like a peacock strutin his feathers! 2 Sassy Scrappers Blog

I can't wait for you to see what I did with the July Kit.. but hey I can't tell you about that yet because shhhhh it is still a secret. You will just have to come back and see!

I will however leave you with a card that I made from a sketch from 2 Sketches for 4 You.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wow I am being a bad blogger!

This is bad! I usually keep up more often on my blog!
So here is some of the latest news! Jason is all done with his baseball games! just in time too because he has been quite sick with his asthma!
Our pool is open! YEAH! it is hot and humid here! I am going to like having my own pool! Decided that after one day of the pool being open!
I have to go down to South Carolina because my dad is having major back surgery so pray for me! I hate flying and especially flying alone and pray for my dad's surgery Please!

I had 4 cortisone injections in my shoulder and back because they feel that the shoulder is helping to throw off my neck and neurological problems, and somehow they did not put my latex allergy on my chart and the doctor used latex gloves and I have some major welts on my back and shoulder STILL and the shots were friday! I am using benedryl cream and it seems that I will think they are getting better and then boom they look worse!

Oh forgot also that on friday I got to watch my grandson pitch for a baseball game! that was a great experience! He did very well, his first year every playing ball and he is pitching! He started out the year going out for tee ball and they moved him right up to farm league and all year he has either played shortstop, first base or pitcher! GO JASON! OH by the way I am his #1 fan!

that is about all the news for now!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pet Peeve!

My challenge on MEmorable seasons this Week is to Blog about a PET PEEVE something that really irritates you!
But then follow it by Blogging about something besides family that makes you smile!

My Biggest pet peeve is people who lie! I really have a huge problem with this! Especially when their lies hurt other people! Just recently this happen in our church and I was amazed that the people doing this could continue to pray and look up to God! I just don't understand why people do this and sometimes People will lie to you when you know you can prove them wrong! Makes no sense! Guess their lives are really dull!

Something that makes me smile is when someone smiles at me or when someone is just pleasant to me on the street who does not know me! that seems to be getting more rare each and every day! I really feel we need to support each other more today then ever before and even a smile can make a difference in someones day!

A few of my latest designs~

Monday, June 02, 2008

Jason behind the wheel or should I say


My recently turned 7 year old grandson Jason Loves to take pictures with his camera so lately I have been letting Jason take pictures with my camera! HE does not do bad! Hoping to turn one of my favorite past times into one of Jason's also!