Monday, September 22, 2008


okay it so it's not the best picture but I am tired and it was a long day! My best present? Mom making it off the vent for 4 hours! the worst part of the day was being away from hubby! There was another bad part of the day but I am not going to even mention it! just let's say some people are jerks!

My nieces and nephews, brother and sil threw a birthday party for me! THe goof behind me is my great nephew behind me, Timmy~! A cancer survivor!! WOO HOO!!
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trick My Tractor

Thank God for scrapbooking or I would go insane! Here is a layout I did about my brother and a tractor he rebuilt!

My Mom is doing fair but there have been problems off and on! I am so tired of the inadequate nursing care, mistakes and pure negligence! Physically I am tired and having some problems so I will not object to any prayers offerred! I truly appreciate all the support everyone has given! Oh and hubby could use a little prayer to as I have been away from home since AUGUST 10th!!! I sure do miss home! I auctually even miss housework! LOL!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hello! Sorry so long

Mom is progressing very slowly! We have moved her to a different hospital that specializes in weaning people of ventilators! They changed her trach and that helped a lot so far. they have made a big difference in the sores in her skin! I have to say that I would not recommend Richland hospital to anyone and I need to find time to write my letter to the president of the hospital! But on to brighter topics!!

I am still staying in S.C. I was going to go home for a week or two but mom asked me not to, so I will stay! She is very fearful of being short of breath and I cannot say I blame her! BUT she is really come so far and things are much better and I can say with my whole heart that I believe that it is all due to all the wonderful prayers that were lifted in her name!

I am still staying in my brothers camper and when I am not at the hospital I either sleep and rest my exhausted body or I scrap and so here are a few of my recent layouts!

Here is Britton my grandson!

Then this cute baby is my big brother! ( not so cute now) LOL!