Saturday, October 25, 2008

I got a little discouraged!

Mom's Co2 was up ( the bad air you get rid of after you breathe in oxygen and use up the good stuff then you breathe out the co2 but she is not getting rid of enough of it) So they backed her down and have only been letting her get off the vent both yesterday and today 8 hours!

she has done well, I just got discouraged, then although respiratory therapist have been real positive, a nurse practioner said she does not believe my mom will ever get off the vent 24 hours. That she will always need it for nights. I guess I still believe in miracles and God! So I have decided PHEWY! I also believe in my mom!

tonight they will retest her blood gases and if they are fine she will do 10 hours again tomorrow~ I have not stopped the contest!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 hours again and holding

Day #4 of 10 hours! They decided to keep my mom at 10 hours for a while to build up her strength and work on getting her ambulating and eating and getting her upper body strength better!

I don't really have a problem with this, it is just that they had a meeting 2 days ago about it and no one has told me about it yet, I just sorta of heard it through the grapevine! I asked the nurse practioner to speak to her today and she said she did not have time because of two admissions so if she got time maybe tomorrow!

I am so frustrated with this place! I really think that it is ridiculous! I need to tell my mom I am leaving for a while but was told by Respiratory not to tell her till she is at 16 hours off the vent, humm well if they aren't moving her along and I am planning on leaving the end of next week, I THINK WE MAY HAVE A PROBLEM HOUSTON!

Please continue to pray! AND AGAIN PASS on the word for the blog candy/rak

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spread the news for extra entries!! Bowling buddies

I have decided the prize for the blog candy drawing A kit from the scrapbook site of your choice! AND From now until friday for anyone who spreads the word and leaves me a link of the blog or site where the spread the word I will give them 5 extra chances! The only requirement to win the blog candy is posting that you are praying or thinking about my mom! ( I am not holding to those words! LOL) JUst post something acceptable LOL

Yesterday she did 10 hours~ we thought they would have her do 12 next but the nurse practioner says she is going to have her do 10 a few days extra for some reason so now we are doing 10 again today for the 3 rd day! sometimes I think they just want the money because she sure aced 10 both days!

She bowled right up till she was hospitalized on two leagues and one league sent her a signed bowling pin! HEre she is checking it out~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

whoops 11 hours!

the respiratory therapist charted the wrong start time in just one spot and so they kept mom off an extra hour and she auctually did 11 hours yesterday!! woo hoo so she is well prepared for today and is auctually almost done with her 10 hours today and sat up in a wheelchair today!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Presenting Marion Wilson and the Vent Dance

check out mom doing the vent dance!

SHE DID IT! 8 More hours off the vent! SO here she is doing the vent! IT was a great day! she was awake alot and did not struggle alot and she even played some dominoes!

sent the video to the grandkids and here they are doing the vent dance back to grandma!

the Bed Dance! Don't forget about my RAK!

One of the Respiratory Therapist has a little thing she does with patients she calls the bed dance if they make it the full time planned off the vent! well mom is getting into it so much that all the respiratory therapist want to watch her do it when she makes it each day!
YEsterday she made it the full 8 hours and she did her dance and one therapist missed seeing the dance so she repeated it for her!
We are shooting for 8 again today!! I just know the prayers are doing it and that the Lord will see her through this!
Thank you all again!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sinus infection slowing things down!

Well mom had a bad headache today and only did 6 hours again but at least we are not going backwards~ They have realized now she has a sinus infection and started her on an antibiotic so hopefully that will help and she will be able to do 8 hours tomorrow! Thanks again for all the prayers!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not 8 but not a set back

Due to Mom starting the day with severe headache, they only let her go off the vent for 6 hours today but hey we did not go backwards, we just stayed at an even pace and she aced the 6 hours and tomorrow we go 8! So please please continue to pray!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am so proud!

This is a card I made for my mom telling her how very proud I am of her! Today was awesome! We made it another 6 hours off the vent!!!
Tomorrow we go for 8 hours off the vent!! Everyones prayers are helping! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We did it!! thank you everyone! Blog candy alert!

Mom made it off the vent 6 hours today as easy as pie! I know it was the prayers!

I have decided to hold a blog challenge! From now untill my mom gets off the vent ( I know she will) or untill I end the challenge if it just isn't happening! everyone who comments and keep on praying for her will go into a drawing and the winner will get a prize and I promise the prize is going to be well worth it! I have also decided to include everyone who commented today and yesterday also! So keep up the good work everyone!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Everyone Pray hard for tomorrow!

Mom made it 4 hours off the vent for the 2nd day in a row today so tomorrow she goes for 6 hours! She has never gotten to try for 6 before! Something always goes wrong!

But this time we are doing it! But we need everyone to pray! PRAY that no one goofs up and nothing stands in her way! Thanks in advance~

I was able to do a couple layouts this weekend for a crop for breast cancer on The Scrap City forum. The hard part was I had to take photos of them with my phone and send them to hubby and then he uploaded them as I could not get to use the computer in my brothers house this weekend much so they looked really bad online! LOL! oh well! So here they are on the blog!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

God answered my prayer!

Monday was my dad's not so happy birthday! My mom had been having kind of an off day and I had been having a rotten day! There are some nurses that don't deserve to carry the name Nurse at the hospital my mom is at! ( this is coming from a nurse remember!) A certain one had been extremely rude that day and my mom says when she can talk again (the trach stops her from talking right now) that nurse is going to hear it! Anyways my mom had a bad headache and had started calling for something for the headache ( My mom never takes tylenol hardely for headache and she wanted pain med so it had to be bad) she called three times! when suddenely she had a seizure! Both my dad and I screamed for help! Still took 30 secounds but help did come!

That night I went to the chapel and begged God, let it be a seizure and not a stroke as afterword they could not get any response out of my mom, not even to pain. But the next morning she was back and everything was normal and all test, eeg and cat scan normal! Also we did discover one med they ( I realized and called Nurse practioner) had increased that day can cause seizures.

I know that God answered my prayers! With that in mind, please help me in praying to get her off the vent, we cannot seem to get past 4 hours without something happening and having to start over again! I truly appreciate your prayers!

Here are some scrappy itemsI have not shared yet! I hope you all are scrapping more then me! I have to admitt I miss all my supplies at home in my scraproom! It is not easy scrapping in my brothers camper and also using someone elses computer to post! I miss my scanner so much! I don't like using the camera!