Monday, April 17, 2006

Wow Easter Day, My first day Blogging!

It was an awesome day, starting with "Sonrise Service" (nope I did not spell it wrong!)! then breakfast at church, then Sunday School and then Sunday Easter Service including our Choir Cantata which DD Directs, dh, ds and I sing in! DS had a solo and did awesome! Service ended with all singing "Because He lives" and I could not help it, the tears streamed, which was obvious to all since the choir was still standing up front as that was directly after the choir finished the Cantata!
Went to DD, Mindy's for dinner, first time I have not had to make a holiday dinner ( I enjoyed that!) after a rainy start, it ended up so pretty out! Got some wonderful pictures of the kids during the Easter Egg hunt!
I then enjoyed a peaceful walk with my granddaughter Chelsea, we had a nice talk! They grow up so fast! Chelsea is my stepgranddaughter and came into our lives when she was 5, she will be 11 in another 6 weeks and it just does not seem possible! She has grown so fast and is becoming a beautiful(inside and out) soon to be teenager.
I know one thing I am sure am tired too! Tomorrow must remember to call about my bp!

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Amy said...

Great Pics Susie!