Sunday, January 28, 2007

Emily's Birthday!

Grandma threw Emily a birthday party! The theme (what else!) a scrapbooking party! THEY HAD SO MUCH FUN! Aunt Mindy came to help Grandma with the party because Mommy just stayed downstairs in her bedroom watching the tv the whole time except to come up for a plate of food!
But Grandma enjoyed herself with the girls and mommy had already told me "I HATE SCRAPBOOKING" and Emily just loves it! The girls were so bubbly just like my sweet little Emily! I feel sad that they will be most likely taking her out of a school district where Emily is doing exceptionly well and made so many great friends! Emily will miss them! they have helped with her self esteem alot and so has Aunt Mindy and Grandpa!


Margo said...

What a fun party, they look like they had tons of fun. What an awesome grandma.

denean said...

Cute pictures Susie! Glad they had fun!

Jaci said...

How cute! They look like they are having a BLAST!!! You get good grandma points for that Q!