Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hello! Sorry so long

Mom is progressing very slowly! We have moved her to a different hospital that specializes in weaning people of ventilators! They changed her trach and that helped a lot so far. they have made a big difference in the sores in her skin! I have to say that I would not recommend Richland hospital to anyone and I need to find time to write my letter to the president of the hospital! But on to brighter topics!!

I am still staying in S.C. I was going to go home for a week or two but mom asked me not to, so I will stay! She is very fearful of being short of breath and I cannot say I blame her! BUT she is really come so far and things are much better and I can say with my whole heart that I believe that it is all due to all the wonderful prayers that were lifted in her name!

I am still staying in my brothers camper and when I am not at the hospital I either sleep and rest my exhausted body or I scrap and so here are a few of my recent layouts!

Here is Britton my grandson!

Then this cute baby is my big brother! ( not so cute now) LOL!


Lisa said...

I'm glad your Mom is progressing, even slowly. I'm sure she feels less afraid with you there.

I'm glad you are taking some "me time" to scrap. I know how tiring being at the hospital so much is for you. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

denean said...

So nice to hear from you!
Glad to hear your mom is getting some good care and progessing. How wonderful that she has you to be with her. I will be praying for you two!
Nice to see you are getting some scrapping done too - great layouts as usual - love the way you cut the paper on the border!

Jenney said...

I'm glad your mom is doing better! You're such a wonderful daughter to stay right there with her for all this!

Great layouts!