Monday, March 29, 2010

Not a great day in the Kithcart household

We have decided to pass around that wonderful cold that is going around. So one child is home from school. I was suppose to help at the school bookfair but that did not happen! But not just because Jason is home, I also have it and my head feels double the normal size, I hate being sick!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a nicer post!! I was hoping to post a finished picture of my project from my class I did on saturday but I did not get it done yet! But on the way home saturday I did do some scrappy shopping!


Sandy said...

Sorry your family is sick. Hopefully you guys will be feeling better soon.

Jean said...

It is a shame that we teach our kids to share - especially when it comes to cold germs. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Min @ Kaymin Kreations said...

I agree with what Jean said! Share your Jelly Beans, not your Germs!! Hope you're all feeing better real soon!
Hugs & Happy Days!