Thursday, June 03, 2010


First I want to Praise God for some answers to prayer! Daughter has found a place to rent. We are praying something happens soon and she is able to get the boys! THis has been such a roller coaster ride! But God has a plan and I know all this is going to work out and those who lie and do wrong will face Him one day! Thank you to all who support us and love us! God is so good! I do not know how people who have no faith make it in our world!

well this Blog candy has a little catch! OH no you say! well auctually it's rather
easy! IF you read my last post Scrap Friendzy is having this great contest and I invited you all to go register and join, which cost nothing and is easy to do and mention Susieq sent you! Well I have decided anyone that does this will be entered into a drawing for blog candy on my blog. All you do is come back and leave a commment that you registered and left a post on Scrap Friendzy!!! I will post a photo later of the HAND PAINTED ITEM YOU CAN WIN and the more that register the bigger the blog candy!!!


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momof8judy said...

Thanks for the invite Susie I just joined!!!!