Saturday, October 14, 2006

Feeling Sorry for myself

I have spent way to much time since this move feeling sorry for myself!! I had a nerve block done again a few weeks ago and ended up very sick and even ended up in the hospital getting IV fluids for dehydration. BUT now I am feeling better physically then I have for months!!!
So I need to praise God for that and show HIM that I appreciate my health by using it!!
So how can I use my health for something good! Certainly not by sitting around moaning about being stuck here in Mn.
I found out about the possibility of teaching somewhere where I would be my own employee and I may do that but I am still thinking about other possibilities. In the meantime I want to find ways to reach out to others and find friends and help others.

I know that I refuse to become as depressed as I was before because I know that will just make me more ill physically too! God is so faithful and He deserves me to give my very best to Him just as He gives me His very best!!

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Denean said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better Susie!