Friday, October 13, 2006

Went to ladies retreat! Miss CNY ladies retreat!!!

I suppose if I never went to the Central New York districts Ladies Retreat then the Minnesota/Iowa district Ladies Retreat would seem great but when you compare the two, it is like comparing steak and hamburg.
I did the crafts this year for the ladies retreat which starts 7 pm friday and ends at 12 pm saturday. I went last year also right after moving here and so this year I made a decision, there was an annoucement that they are starting a committee to plan the retreat and if I want it to be better, well then you know what I have to do!! YEP YOU Got it! I volunteered to be on the committee!! Suzi wrote back saying we will love having you as part of the committee. I hope so since I have lots of ideas brewing in my head! Course lots of them come from good old CNY!!!

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