Friday, April 20, 2007

How cool I was awarded the thinking blog award by Dari Donovan on her blog go check it out at Charmed and Dangerous
here is what she wrote about me...SUSIE - She does beautiful scrapbook pages and shares her knowledge with me. :-)

Also I am going to participate in what looks like an exciting blog party! It is a scrapbooking blog party but you don't have to scrap to participate and there will be PRIZES! WOO HOO!



scrapping Servant said...

Hello I was looking at your scrapbook layouts today :) I love the scissors on your Tic Toc layout. And the photo of your son coveting the toy :o) Cute!

kara jones said...

congrats on your blog award! I love your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't go to the party cause I still can't scrap, whaaaaaaaaa! lol

Next time, next party, I am gonna be there! :-)

Anonymous said...

Susie, thanks for coming by, I read this wrong last visit, was thinking I had to be a scrapper, soooo, see ya there! :-)

denean said...

Congrats on the write-up - you do do beautiful work!!
How's the house hunting going? Will I soon have a new neighbor? ;)