Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wow I am being a bad blogger!

This is bad! I usually keep up more often on my blog!
So here is some of the latest news! Jason is all done with his baseball games! just in time too because he has been quite sick with his asthma!
Our pool is open! YEAH! it is hot and humid here! I am going to like having my own pool! Decided that after one day of the pool being open!
I have to go down to South Carolina because my dad is having major back surgery so pray for me! I hate flying and especially flying alone and pray for my dad's surgery Please!

I had 4 cortisone injections in my shoulder and back because they feel that the shoulder is helping to throw off my neck and neurological problems, and somehow they did not put my latex allergy on my chart and the doctor used latex gloves and I have some major welts on my back and shoulder STILL and the shots were friday! I am using benedryl cream and it seems that I will think they are getting better and then boom they look worse!

Oh forgot also that on friday I got to watch my grandson pitch for a baseball game! that was a great experience! He did very well, his first year every playing ball and he is pitching! He started out the year going out for tee ball and they moved him right up to farm league and all year he has either played shortstop, first base or pitcher! GO JASON! OH by the way I am his #1 fan!

that is about all the news for now!


Lisa said...

Great pics! I said a little prayer for you and your Dad. I have to have injections in my shoulder also and the shot is bad enough without the allergic reation!

Trish said...

I will be praying for you (and your dad)

jen said...

Susie, I will be praying for your safe travel and the healing of you and your dad. How great to have a pool! My daughter's cast is preventing us from swimming. I am thankful for AC!

Meg Giroux said...

Susie, I hope you feel better soon! I hate flying too, just take a deep breath and bring lots of gum with you!!!!

Kazan Clark said...

Hi Susie - you have been busy :) I did manage to get your card up on 2 sketches 4 you - your first link worked just fine :) Thanks for playing - good to "see" you again

denean said...

Fun pictures! We've been in the pool a lot too!

Dettao said...

Love that bubble shot!