Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pet Peeve!

My challenge on MEmorable seasons this Week is to Blog about a PET PEEVE something that really irritates you!
But then follow it by Blogging about something besides family that makes you smile!

My Biggest pet peeve is people who lie! I really have a huge problem with this! Especially when their lies hurt other people! Just recently this happen in our church and I was amazed that the people doing this could continue to pray and look up to God! I just don't understand why people do this and sometimes People will lie to you when you know you can prove them wrong! Makes no sense! Guess their lives are really dull!

Something that makes me smile is when someone smiles at me or when someone is just pleasant to me on the street who does not know me! that seems to be getting more rare each and every day! I really feel we need to support each other more today then ever before and even a smile can make a difference in someones day!

A few of my latest designs~


Lisa said...

Great layouts! I don't like liars either, I think it is worse than a pet peeve though and if you hurt someone with lies its even worse!

Jen said...

Lying is my husband's biggest "pet peeve". (I of course, don't like lying either). I agree with the not seeing people wave and greet each other like they used to. We live in a small "farming" community and everyone is friendly but if you drive into town it's totally different. Great blog challenge. I'll have to work on it this weekend.

Trish said...

nice layouts!

Meg Giroux said...

How true is this?! I hate it when people lie too! I have a really hard time respecting them when I know that they are so full of it.
I also agree with you totally on the kind smiles and hellos..not many people do that anymore. seems like the world is so negative and it is so hard to keep our kids so positive!! Great job on your layouts!

Dettao said...

You have a legitimate peeve there. I agree. I also like friendly people. I'm sure I freak people out all the time speaking to them. I forget I'm not at work and I don't have to do the excellent customer service thing. LOL

Jenney said...

Hey Susie!!! Just wanted to stop by and say hey! I hope you're having a great day!