Monday, November 24, 2008


Today my mom went down for a swallow test to see if she can swallow well enough to not have to worry about getting food in the wrong tube due to the wrong pipe so to speak since having the trach, she had the test several weeks back and failed! She has not been able to drink or eat basically since august 8th!! she has a feeding tube!

Well she passed!!! she can have thin fluids and blended foods to start and with a speech therapist present a soft diet and then progress hopefully from there! She is so thrilled just to be able to drink water and COFFEE again!!! she has missed her coffee so much!!

I know this will improve her spirits!

It is really time for some good news!!!

Here are some new layouts I did!

I sure will be glad when I am home and have my scanner to use!! I hate having to take photos of my layouts!!!!


denean said...

So glad to hear about your mom! That is so encouraging! Great layouts as always!!

grandmother said...

I am so glad that you mom passed the test. Hopefully she will be able to come home soon.We will all keep praying for her and your family.

mustangkayla said...

YEAH! So glad to hear your mom passed the test and I agree! It will probably lift her spirits! Glad you see you are able to do some scrapbooking too!

Janice N said...

Love your layout anyway you post them. You did some awesome work for the Scrap city crop. Did you notice that you won one of the RAKs for the Match Game! Congrats!