Thursday, December 02, 2010

Why me Lord?

I have another Challenge done from My Paper Tree House! This Challenge was about grace.
Well I have done a bare it all layout! I loved the layout and then did the journaling in my own handwriting and in someways it made a pretty layout not quite so pretty because I have the worlds worst handwriting but this was just not something I felt should be typed! So here it is and after I will share the journaling as it is quite hard to read! I wish I could have gotten a better photo as the ribbon is really a very pale pink and really adds to the layout!

on the little ticket is says"what did I ever do to deserve loving you and the kindness you've shown."

below the photo
"my childhood was rough, filled with both sexual and physical abuse. In my teens I had a boyfriend, (I so needed love and acceptance) One day after him seeing me slapped around, we decided that if I got pregnant, my parents would have to let us marry. It worked and 3 weeks before I turned 17, I was married. I was so blessed with a healthy baby and a wonderful husband. But then I began to feel shame and embarrasement for the "sin" I had done! I would lie and add one or two years to my age just to hide from my sin and embarrasement. But one day the Lord laid it on my heart that if He forgave me that I must also forgive me. I gave it all to Him! His grace is sufficent for me!"

well there you have it! I have put it up for all the world to see! no hiding anymore!
(the funny part in this is I have always looked young for my age and heard it said to me how young I look and so I wonder who I was trying to fool!)


Tabitha said...

Susie! It is awesome. The journaling is so heart felt and I think your handwriting is perfect!
His grace is sufficent.

K Andrew said...

Hi SusieQ!
I'm working on my layout too--and I am very inspired by your beautiful Victorian style layout.
The journaling must have been so hard to put out here. I commend your spirit.


PS Just became a follower of your beautiful blog!

Dolores said...

Oh Susie, this layout is beautiful. thank you for sharing!!!Your journaling was powerful and it reminds us of Gods love.

Elizabeth said...

I love the fact that God is watching over us even when we mess up. Even though your past sounds a lot like mine in several ways, I didn't know the Lord. But when I came to know him, I realized just how much he cared even when I didn't know him! Your post and layout is a gentle reminder of that to me today. He is always there.

I am so thankful that the Lord was there for you and even more so that you shared a piece of you! Thank you for that.

Have a joyful weekend!

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

Awesome LO, Susie. God's grace is sufficient and oh so wonderful. Thanks for your transparency and this gorgeous LO!