Friday, June 16, 2006

Angela tagged me, but I was still in the middle of rearranging.

So I promised pictures today but it is just going to have to be tomorrow as I am suppose to be staying of the leg and so I can only do a little at a time!!! So I will be finished up tomorrow!!! Hey what can I say, I have scrapped out of Creative memory bags for 3 years besides some tackle boxes and now I just finishing finally emptying those bags and boxes and every other crook and nanny to put it all together in one place!!! so be patient!!!!!!


*Jeanne* said...

I am going to take my photo today of my space... Angela is going to wish she didn't tag me on this one! lol

LindaE said...

OK Susie I am now your blog stalker!!! LMAO

Amy said...

Excuses, excuses LOL!