Thursday, June 29, 2006

Saw My own md today about my KNEE

OH MY OH MY! Well he looks, an looks and says "I wish I could have seen this sooner, I wish you had never went to physical therapy" AH GEE THANKS!!!
THen he tells me he is bringing in another doctor he will be back in "5"Minutes! yeah right! 17 minutes later in the two walk, telling me that they are 99% sure it is a minscus tear and that I definetly have effusion of the knee now ( fluid on the knee) caused by the inflammation which they feel exercising caused!! OH GREAT! Now they wish some xrays were done before, humm my question too!!! but now they are going to inject cortisone INTO THE KNEECAP! I BEG YOUR PARDON!!

Then wait a few days and do an mri, well in a few days I am going away, so they will do the MRI on the 14th and if they are right and the injection has not taken ALL pain away, then surgery!

OKAY the injection time, the lady md, not mine does the injection, OKAY she supposebly (spelling oh well) numbs the knee, ok now this is someone who has had anywhere from 8 to 12 needle injections in the neck and back of the head, and they do the back of the head every 3 months and when they do it feels like the seperate the skull but I grin and bear.... but this I am moaning and dying and like ready to scream and curse (not,because I do not use curse words!!!) but anyways she keeps saying sorry I can't get into the knee cap you must relax, man I am wiggling my toes like a chiropractor taught me and trying to breath but My pain level is sky high, finally she says okay I think I got it. YOU THINK.

THEN she says I am going to have Dr. Manohar order a xray because either there is massive arthritis in there from an old injury ( not that I recall) or lots of calcification of the ligaments for some strange reason. So then she says the numbing will take effect and the knee will feel painless for several hours and then later your knee will be a LITTLE achy but a few days later it should feel much better.
Then My doctor comes back in and they discuss the swelling in my hands and my emg from oct and decide I need hand xrays and to see the hand specialist and most likely surgery because of the emg results from oct but at the very least cortisone injections in both hands for the carpal tunnel and for the ganglion cyst which is getting bigger. So I say NO MORE CORTISONE TODAY!!

So I go for the xray, BY THE WAY THE NUMBING MED IS NOT WORKING, THE XRAY KILLS, walking from one building to the next to get to where we parked at mayo is killing me!


*Jeanne* said...

Holy Crap Q! Geez.. I don't think I can handle anymore of this crap... I have no idea how you are holding up. I guess its a good thing that hopefully you dont own a gun!

I hope everything with your health gets better soon...

As for the Mom... long walk short pier? lol

Jaci said...

I'm with Jeanne on this one. Long walk, short pier! God has definitely graced you with LOADS of patience becuase I would have thrown her butt out a long time ago!

I'm keeping you with all your health issues (and home issues) in my thoughts! Take care of yourself! Bothe physically and metally! ;)

Margo said...

Wow that is just too much, I agree with the other girls.

I will be praying for your health.