Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Biggest Snow Storm in Mn. in 8 years!

The snow is still coming down! Although the ice and snow is not good for travel, it is pretty!
Will's first flight was cancelled and then they gave him another flight which was also cancelled! BUT he did fly out this evening so he is gone for 2 weeks to Boulder Colorado!

My plans, are to get the scrapbooking room set up and to scrap scrap scrap! Oh by the way I did not make the Design Team this time for the Scrapbook Chalet! I had a feeling so had already accepted it, it is okay as I have some other things happening!

I have a possible offer brewing at a LSS! I am going to continue as a member at the Chalet! Hey why not, I have friends there and there are some great contest, although I will admitt still don't understand that last one.

I also am excited about two new sites. Oh and now I have more time to surf too! Never understood before how people have time to spend a lot of time surfing and dt. and so now I will have more time to do that and get to see some of the new ideas out there!
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denean said...

Sorry you didnt make the DT, but glad to hear you have some other options! Let me know how it goes!