Friday, September 22, 2006

I am proud of my Daughter in Law Amy

We have not always seen eye to eye and it is not easy living in the same house. But recently I told Amy about somethings that she needed to think about and work on changing and she is doing so well at doing her best!

It is hard to take critism and truly try to apply it to our lives and she has done a good job this past week.

She has her plate full raising 4 children, two of which of not my sons although he loves them like his own (they are like my own grandchildren also but I am not old enough to be their grandmother!!!!) and they are hurt by their biological father frequently (even though they don't see him since he lives hundreds of miles away but just through his calls and lack of support, gifts,etc.he hurts them).

I am proud that she is trying to better herself!


motobarbie said...

I am so glad she is making an effort

Denean said...

Glad to hear! And I am sure you are the best example for her to follow!