Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just seems like everything is DOWN!

A sad time for me, trying to get my mood up but not feeling well does not help the matter at all! Just can't seem to feel better about the anniversary of moving here! Don't care about tomorrow being a special day for me. And The Memory Safe is not working right so I can't escape there! Daughters hubby's grandmother died so they leave tomorrow for N.Y. so they won't be here for tomorrow. Just adds to all going wrong!

Don't get me wrong I do not blame my daughter, it just seems that every year September STINKS! and this year is the worst! I hate this move! I am so lonely for my friends! I feel like I have no support system!!

I can't believe I wanted so bad to move out of this house in NY to a bigger better one for years and now I wish I was back there!

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