Friday, March 16, 2007

Grand Opening Starts Tomorrow!!

Want to win some great prizes!! Maybe a great kit! Or just download a Free kit or class! COME ON OVER and meet TAMMY!! She does the most awesome Altering I have ever seen!! SHE will be giving away a Memory Purse this weekend!! THE GRAND OPENING IS MARCH 16-18th. HEART and HAND SCRAPS The forum has been running for a little while and there are already some great gals there!

Sign up and tell Tammy that SusieQ sent you over in the referral area! Just so she knows where all her referrals are from!!

Oh and I have some lurkers that keep checking out my blog but don't comment and you are welcome too! We are one big family and welcome everyone!


jdoriot said...

I scrapbook but it has been awhile and I'm so behind! I'm going to check out this link...sounds neat!

jdoriot said...

Oh Susie! You are so very sweet!! Thanks for all the heartfelt comments you left me...I read them around 3am when I was having trouble sleeping. I can't even begin to tell you how much it meant to me to know that you would be praying for me!! It was like a hug from God!! I am going to be digging into your blog and the Heart and Hand Scraps site this evening so hopefully we can meet up. I think cards for Damon would be wonderful!! Cards for his mom would be good heart is so heavy for her. Having a medically fragile child is both a blessing and a heartache. are so sweet...I am really excited about geting to know you!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for leaving me that comment earlier, it cheered me up. I am so sorry your day was a rough one and yes I will trade prayers with you. And, a butt licking party could be fun my friend. Let's do it! :-)

Wishing you a beautiful day! I am going to check out Heart And Hand Scraps, maybe I can learn something new to boost my spirits, lol.

jdoriot said...

Well, guess who it is again! lol!! I'm really quite embarrased that I can't figure out how to post over at the forum...maybe it's because my mind is foggy right now. Can you help me...clue me in or something!? lol!!