Friday, March 09, 2007

This is my good friend Amy!

Amy and I were both on a DT together! We talked occasionally when we were on the Dt but when I did not make the Dt when the new call went out Amy knew that life had been rough on me lately so she checked with me to see how I was dealing with everything and I explained how bad things had gotten lately in my life and that the DT was the least of my problems!!

I can handle silly things like that!! SO we had a great chat and I told her how I had starting web surfing and went to Pub Calls and found another site doing another DT call and so she joined me at Scrappin Mojo! We both have been enjoying the site every since and each others company and Amy has been a great support to me in a time when life is changing very fast!

NOW TODAY after my post below I find that she too has been kicked off the old site and wrongly accused of inviting people to Scrappin Mojos just because the site is growing!! WELL I cannot believe the insecurity of the owner of the other site!!! DOES she think her site is that bad that she will lose people if they visit other sites? OH my!! Anyways I am very thankful for my new friend AMY and thankful that she called that day to check on me!!! BY the way AMY if you want me to put up a differnt photo just send me one and I will edit this post!!!

I sure do love my internet friends! They can touch your heart from miles away!!


motobarbie said...

Ahh Susie you are so sweet, I really am glad I called you that day also. I am here for you no matter what!!!!!

Corinna said...

Awwww... this is great! What a sweet tribute to your dear friend.

denean said...

Wow! Amy too? I can't believe it! So sorry!!
I'll have to stop by Mojo this week - I miss you guys!!

Shelley said...

Amy is great! I'm glad you've had a friend to help you through the rough times!

Amanda said...

Woot Woo!!! AMY is a HOTTIE!!! (LMBO!!)

Love you guys!!!