Wednesday, March 14, 2007


When I think Peace, I think of The Prince of Peace!

I think how when life is causing all kinds of turmoil and it seems like everything in our life is hairy, that The Prince of Peace can grant us a Peace that passes all understanding! If you have never felt this feeling, you might not understand this saying but if you have you will understand exactly what I am talking about!

It is a wonderful feeling that happens when it would make no sense for you to feel totally at Peace and yet by the grace of God, you do! It is like being in the middle of war with bullets going every which way and yet you have no fear and feel a total peace.

Well that is how I feel lately! I have such a sense of peace because I have turned my cares over to "The Prince of Peace"

I think what gave me the most Peace is when I decided to focus on the Serenity Prayer!

Decided to edit this post to add that the photo is a photo hubby took on his recent trip for work to Colorado and I edit the photo and added the prayer on to it!


Margo said...

Love that you have this here.

Shelley said...

The serenity prayer is awesome! And, I'm glad you are feeling some peace in life!

jdoriot said...

Amen! I too have felt that Peace and you're's like being in the middle of a war with bullets flying all around you but you have no fear. The photo your dh took is just beautiful and so perfect for that prayer. Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

The Serenity prayers is well known by me and is one I needed to be reminded of. I do feel like I am in the middle of a war with bullets flying everywhere and this was just what I needed to see right now. Thanks for reminding me of this simple and powerful prayer. Blessings to you!