Thursday, March 01, 2007


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Yesterday I watched the Dr. Phil show, Oh my, Triplet 5 years old that are blind and deaf. Their mother an amazing woman, and also her husband, exhausted and discouraged from taking care of them and not able to afford the things that would help them.

The speaker a woman that became blind at 15 years named, Liz Rothchild!

Below is a piece from her blog!! AMAZING!! I think of someone I know and now
am upset with myself that instead of being angry with her, I know better, I should be praying
and so if she comes to my blog and I sure she will know who she is! I am praying for you! My sweet friend, I know that the truth is you are hurting and I realize now that I need to pray and pray hard for you!

If you would like to visit her blog here is the link Jennifers Blog

Oh the freedom that comes from authenticity. To have truth in your inward parts (Psalm 51:6) and to clothe yourself with that truth! Freedom_pic_for_java
In other words, peace on the inside, peace on the outside; honesty on the inside, honesty on the outside; flaws on the inside, flaws on the outside; tenderness on the inside, tenderness on the outside. I’ve often sneered at hypocrisy-because it’s a misrepresentation of someone’s real, inside self. I regret the times I've participated in that kind of insincerity in my own life. But, to me the real reason for my sadness over hypocrisy is the loss of that person’s real self. The hypocrite lives a life of slow disintegration-slowly crumbling. They think they will find the substance of their life in the “froth” as Murton put it. May we all be fully God conscious and reasonably self aware to remain integrated.


denean said...

Beautiful entry Susie! Thanks for the inspiration!!

motobarbie said...

Awesome entry Susie. Your words are perfect. Love your inspiration!