Saturday, November 24, 2007

4 days of having all 3 grandsons here!

It was truly great to have all 3 boys here! The house was full of laughter and running! Yes there was a little bit of fighting too and many many times of "STAY OFF THE STAIRS!" but it was great.

I can't believe it is over already! My son and his wife and Britton will leave early tomorrow morning for S.C.

I can't help feeling sad, it went so fast. Thankfully my dil took alot of photos as I was so busy that I did not get many! This is one that I auctually did take though!
This next week I am going to do a lot of scrapbooking!

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Going For Greatness said...

Susie, your grandsons are gorgeous!! It's always that way.... holidays just go by so fast! It's so fun to look forward to them and then, *BAM*! you blink and they're over and just a memory! Thankfully we can capture those moments on film and scrapbook 'em!! ;)
Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
~Gabi from Scrap Treasures