Friday, November 16, 2007


please copy and paste and write your answers in comments if you want to play along... I hope you will follow through as I would love to know you better!

Yourself: very sentimental

Your partner: Can fix almost anything, Stresses easy, Hard working

Your hair: Needs better coloring job

Your mother: I worry about her health, she cares more and more every year, and worries alot!

Your father: OH BOY! likes to work with wood but is a perfectionist, EXTREMELY forgetful. I will stop here!!!!

Your favorite item: My paint brushes &camera

Your dream last night: I had a sleep study last night and with all the gadgets hooked up to me, I don't believe I dreamed at all! If I did it was probaly about being in a prison or being kidnapped and tied up.

Your favorite drink: Fresca/rootbeer but I cannot drink either because a med I am on makes all carbonated beverages taste like someone dropped aspirin in them.

Your dream car: I truthfully don't have one, as long as it is in great running condition, body is good and mileage is good! Guess I am just practical. Course in the summer a convertable would be okay!

Dream home: A home I could design that looks old but has all the new stuff ( windows etc.) and is on a large amt. of acres, private area with pond, pool. gardens, deer and wildlife in view! Close hunting for hubby. But yet close to highway to town. (OH and close LSS and Painting supplies and Grocery store)

The room you are in: living room

Your fear: Not being able to see grandchildren....

Where you want to be in 10 years: Right where I am!

Who you hung out with last night: Hubby, daughter and son in law

You’re not: Patient

One of your wish list items: a hot tub

The last thing you did: Looked out the front door

You are wearing: khakis and a striped sweater

Your favorite weather: Autumn

Your favorite book: Let's Roll by Lisa Beamer

Last thing you ate: Chicken speidi Pizza

Your life: is my God, and my family and my friends

Your mood: a little down right now, worrying about the house in Mn. selling

Your best friend: My hubby

What are you thinking about right now: getting my home ready for thanksgiving

Your car: a van

What are you doing at the moment: On the computer instead of working!

Relationship status: married, 33 years to my best friend

What is on your t.v: nothing just peace and quiet

When is the last time you laughed: Wed. Night at our Church members meeting! Our Pastor is awesome at making jokes and making you laugh and making it easier to listen to speaches/sermons but also others gave reports and said some little remarks that had us all laughing! it is truly a great church with some great members!!!

I am tagging Nancy, Denean, Rachel! AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO PLAY ALONG! Please Remember to comment when you play along so I know you have joined in the fun!

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