Monday, February 18, 2008


I did a layout for my sweet hubby a few weeks ago and was going to reveal it to him on Valentines Day, why I did not I am not sure, I just decided to wait. My husband has subscribed to my blog and reads it while he is at work normally so I want him to get this while he is at work.

Friday the day after Valentines he was suppose to take me for a procedure that is suppose to replace my nerve blocks I get for my Occipital Neuralgia that causes neck pain and severe migraines but due to the fact that the insurance has not approved the new procedure yet it was canceled, but originally he wouldn't have been at work. So here I am posting it so he will get it Monday at work.

I did the layout thinking about a song that I liked when I was a teenager and when we were dating it made me think of him, and then we had children I sang it to each of my children when I was rocking them and I have also sang it to my grandchildren.

I like knowing that my husband is nearby even when we are doing different things. When my neurological problems act up ( I also have trigeminal neuralgia, which can be very frightening) or even just my migraines, I like knowing he is close by and many times at night I will get as close to him as I can just because I feel insecure and when I get close to him it makes me feel so much safer.

When he has to go away for work or when something happens at home and he is just not home, I long for him to get home just because I want to be close to him. When I go away, I enjoy myself, yet I long to share the events and to be close to him!

This is why I used this song on this layout!

On a little side note... If you love those little chipboard birdies.. they are from Magistical Memories. They have the best lightweight chipboard.


Lesli said...

What a wonderfully sweet LO - I hope your DH enjoyed this :)

denean said...

Sooo sweet! And the birdies are the cutest!!