Monday, May 26, 2008

ON MEMORIAL DAY, a memorial!

IT is with a very sad heart that today I give tribute to someone who died last night Kevin Teeter from Elmira N.Y. sadly Kevin has died due to being burned severely when his home was burned and considered a total loss by someone or someones committing arson!

For many years I worked as camp nurse at a church camp for as many as 4-5 weeks of camp. Kevin was always there each week working the camp too usually in the kitchen! Kevin had a heart of Gold! I guess if I could say anything about Kevin I would say He loved God and he loved people! He loved to make people happy and I believe in my heart it was because he knew that it was what God wanted him to do! It was not unusual to see Kevin yelling "Hi to someone and waving his arms way up high so they could see him all the way across the other side of camp! I am proud to say that I was one of those people he yelled Hi to many times!

Kevin will be missed!

His family.. His sister and father are still in the hospital and are still not out of danger! so please pray for them! They are in need of prayer not only for healing but how they will manage after they are able to go home!

For more information here is a website being handled by the pastor of their church~
It gives the story from the start and updates!
The Teeter Family


Tabitha said...

i hope you had a great day!

Jen said...

I will be praying. :(

denean said...

So sorry! Praying for their family!