Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not 8 but not a set back

Due to Mom starting the day with severe headache, they only let her go off the vent for 6 hours today but hey we did not go backwards, we just stayed at an even pace and she aced the 6 hours and tomorrow we go 8! So please please continue to pray!


Stephycce said...

Hello :)
Was browsing profiles and saw you also were a Twilight fan! Yay for Nov 21st! And that you weren't too far from me and thought I'd stop by.
Adding you to my blogs to read :)
Your mom will be in my thoughts.

grandmother said...

Happy that she made it the 6 hours but I will be praying tomarrow for the 8 hours. Hope her headache gets better. Hopefully she does not have another seizer.

mustangkayla said...

Glad your mom aced the 6 hours! Hope she feels better tomorrow and aces the 8 hours!

Stacy said...

good still praying !!