Saturday, October 11, 2008

God answered my prayer!

Monday was my dad's not so happy birthday! My mom had been having kind of an off day and I had been having a rotten day! There are some nurses that don't deserve to carry the name Nurse at the hospital my mom is at! ( this is coming from a nurse remember!) A certain one had been extremely rude that day and my mom says when she can talk again (the trach stops her from talking right now) that nurse is going to hear it! Anyways my mom had a bad headache and had started calling for something for the headache ( My mom never takes tylenol hardely for headache and she wanted pain med so it had to be bad) she called three times! when suddenely she had a seizure! Both my dad and I screamed for help! Still took 30 secounds but help did come!

That night I went to the chapel and begged God, let it be a seizure and not a stroke as afterword they could not get any response out of my mom, not even to pain. But the next morning she was back and everything was normal and all test, eeg and cat scan normal! Also we did discover one med they ( I realized and called Nurse practioner) had increased that day can cause seizures.

I know that God answered my prayers! With that in mind, please help me in praying to get her off the vent, we cannot seem to get past 4 hours without something happening and having to start over again! I truly appreciate your prayers!

Here are some scrappy itemsI have not shared yet! I hope you all are scrapping more then me! I have to admitt I miss all my supplies at home in my scraproom! It is not easy scrapping in my brothers camper and also using someone elses computer to post! I miss my scanner so much! I don't like using the camera!


mustangkayla said...

Oh Susie, I am so sorry to hear that! I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there!

That clock is really cool! It is hard to scrap in a camper, I do it everyonce in a while and there just isn't enough room.

denean said...

Sorry to hear about your mom - I am still praying for you and your family. So wonderful that your mom has you there with her. It is encouraging to see God answer a prayer, we can be sure he is listening!
You are doing a terrific job scrapping - love the clock!

grandmother said...

Love the clock your grandson is so cute. And love the little girl that you made also. Keep up the great work. Am praying for all of you.