Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spread the news for extra entries!! Bowling buddies

I have decided the prize for the blog candy drawing A kit from the scrapbook site of your choice! AND From now until friday for anyone who spreads the word and leaves me a link of the blog or site where the spread the word I will give them 5 extra chances! The only requirement to win the blog candy is posting that you are praying or thinking about my mom! ( I am not holding to those words! LOL) JUst post something acceptable LOL

Yesterday she did 10 hours~ we thought they would have her do 12 next but the nurse practioner says she is going to have her do 10 a few days extra for some reason so now we are doing 10 again today for the 3 rd day! sometimes I think they just want the money because she sure aced 10 both days!

She bowled right up till she was hospitalized on two leagues and one league sent her a signed bowling pin! HEre she is checking it out~


grandmother said...

I am so happy that she made it 10 hours. I am still praying for her and can't wait to hear that she made it all day with out it.
God Bless

Jen said...

That's awesome that she is doing so well! YAY Susie's MOM!! lol

Very cool that the league sent the signed bowling pin. How thoughtful.

Your RAK is so generous Susie. You don't need to throw my name in there. I'll keep praying though. :)

mustangkayla said...

So glad to hear that your mom aced the 10 hours both days. What a neat thing for her bowling buddies to do! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Stephycce said...

That is awesome news!

wendy said...

The bowling pin is cute! Very thoughtful of them :)