Monday, June 04, 2012

favorite layout

Do you have a favorite all time layout! Here is mine
This has been my favorite layout for many many years. I have lots of others I love but this one seems to remain a favorite. I love it because of the photo and the face I caught. I know it is nothing fancy but I just love the theme etc. Tell me about your favorite! Lots of chances are being won! Thank you ladies! I promise to make it worth your while!


Alison said...

Great LO and pic of my faves is a page I did of DD on her 16th Birthday
Alison xx

tallulah1 said...

Oh thats a great layout! One of my favorites is a recent one I did of my grandmother - she is in her waitress uniform with a corsage one, and is in front of shelves of potted plants. Its from 1944, and she is quite beautiful. I made a spray of roses, trying different colors until I made a violet one. Even Stan said thats the color to use.

Brenda Ragsdale said...

Great layout Susie! The photo is so cute I can see why it is your favorite! My favorite layout is of my GD using my all time favoite photos o her:
Great job keeping up with your blog postings!!!

Jean said...

Love the colors. I have many layouts that are faves!

Rachelle said...

Fantastic layout. Love it!!!!