Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I am so excited!

I am so excited over all the great layouts created from my challenge! I am glad my bonus challenge and the Paper Secrets challenge are random challenges cause I would be lost if I had to choose which was best! It would be totally impossible!

I got up my week 20 layout for the SYAO2 contest! I cannot believe it has already been 20 weeks! WOW!
I will say the title is a bit off  kilter but my head was not great! but I am happy it is done! I am starting the new med twice a week tomorrow so hopefully soon the headaches will be much better although I might be a bit sleepy! lol

I think I will be getting some great photos in a day or two as the pool is finally filled and now it is just a matter of getting the chemicals right! Phew it has been a rough year, first had to replace the liner, than the pump quit and since it has been quite dry we had to rotate back and forth between our two wells alot filling it! but hopefully we will get lots of use and I will do lots of laps!


Alison said...

Love the LO..and hope the meds kick in soon xx

Lisa Rea said...

Great layout. Good luck with the pool. Love ours but it is work to keep it balanced.

Lisa - Scrappy Distractions

SandiB said...

This post is for Wednesday the 20th. Glad that you are able to start catching up on your scrapping. Also, hope the new meds do the trick and you can enjoy your pool. It sure is hot enough this summer to go swimming just to cool off.

SandiB said...

This post is for the 21st. Hope you are continuing to improve and the headaches have eased up. Can't wait to see more of your layouts. Take care!!!

SandiB said...

It is now the 22nd of June. This month is almost over. Time sure is flying by. Hope you are feeling better and have a great weekend.

SandiB said...

I just got home from a 12-hour crop. Didn't get near as much done as I wanted to. I still had fun amongst other scrappers though. This post is for Saturday, th 23rd. Hope your weekend is going great.