Thursday, July 20, 2006

Decided against Carpal Tunnel Surgery and now

I think I may even hold off on the shots of cortisone. If I take them then I will have to be careful for awhile with using my wrists and not overdo and I don't see how that will work. So I have been really thinking about it and I have pretty much decided to cancel my appt. today. I don't want to depend on others to do things and then they don't get done and I will get myself upset and also I just feel it is the right decision at this time.


motobarbie said...

I am glad you will not be having the surgery it is very risky

NancyJones said...

well it depends on your dr. My mother is a painter and was having so much pain she couldnt paint it really effected her talent. She finally had the surgery and it was a complete success she has no problem now what so ever. NOW I WILL SAY when I was pregnant I had severe cps and I feel for you girl. Mine luckily went away after I had the baby but I would wake up at night just bawling it would hurt so bad they put splints did shots did it all NOTHING worked till I had bella. I dont wish that on anyone. I will keep you in my prayers my friend!!