Thursday, July 20, 2006

Friday plans!!!

Thursday night the gang are all going to sleep at Mindy's so Will and I will have some romantic private time. Then on Friday I am planning with Deb to hopefully get together and paint. I think that her and I can become pretty good friends. We have alot of similar likes and I really enjoy teaching her to paint. She is hungry to learn and applies what she learns and tries it on her own. She is talking about opening a shop in her home and when she does she wants to sell my work and also hire me to teach for her. It sounds exciting but she is going to have her daughter help her with getting started in the business end of it and I wonder if she realizes yet how much it takes to get into business for yourself and just how much work it is! I pray it does not scare her off! I have been praying for her son when doing my devotions also, he is serving in Iraq! I am going to get some painting done tomorrow, then hopefully on the weekend some scrapbooking!


Margo said...

I am so glad to hear that you guys are going to get some alone time. Sounds like you have a great new person to painit with, have lots and lots of fun.

motobarbie said...

YAY on the alone time you REALLY need it. I am also glad you found a good friend. We all need those in our lives.

NancyJones said...

OH i wish I lived closer to YOU. My mom paints. she is AMAZING I of course GOT NONE of that talent I cant draw a straight line with a ruler (hince I scrapbook) Glad you and hubby got some tlc time we all need that dont we! meanwhile Im up CANNOT for the life of me sleep tonight and im so exhausted (hate it when that happens) this weekend if your scrapping we are supposed to have a crop (christmas in july) on the untamed scrapper. maybe yall should come play!