Sunday, July 09, 2006

Flood in our old Hometown! Scary!

We decided last minute to take a trip to New York to check on hubby's dad and our camper, also ds and dd were going to NY and hubby was worried about them going and conditions there so we went to! It was not a peaceful vacation but at least I did see some friends!
But onto the photos! the pictures above, one obviously is a camper the was underwater. The other is a picture of fields that were a few days before all filled with corn! but the corn is all been destroyed!! We saw fields and fields of destroyed corn!

I saved some of the scarrier pictures for last! YES we drove down this road around this house to get to where son was staying at his sil's house! A nurse I use to work with lost her house also! The hospital I use to work for is still closed, they had to evacuate all patients to another hospital!
WOW this never happen while I lived there and the storage unit that dd and sil stored there stuff in exactly one year ago waiting to move here with us was hit bad and the area we had was hit the worse! so glad this did not happen a year ago! SO sorry for all these people! Really hits you when you know the people, or know the area!! Hubbby's dad had water in his cellar but not bad, his brother had 4 feet of water in his finished of basement! He wants to clean up and put up a for sale sign and build on a mountain! Do you blame him?


motobarbie said...

Sorry about the flood. Those were the conditions of my little town this April. Our property was completly under water. Devan's track was somewhere between 8 and ten feet under. It is very scary. I am also sorry your friend lost her home. I will pray for better times.

Margo said...

It always just amazes me how there are areas like that that have to deal with this awful kind of thing, and then there are areas like here where I live where we are so dry that fires are an everyday thing.

*Jeanne* said...

I can not believe these pictures. I hope all is well now... hugs your way!