Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Things Kids Say!!!

Meet Britton! My grandson in S.C. well today my son in S.C. Kevin (Britton's Dad) calls me and while we are chatting he tells me something that just happen and what Britton who just turned 4 in DEC. said.

Britton's Mother Maria had spoke to him about something and Britton said " Mom, I am Just a kid you know"

I could not help but laugh and almost cry too because Britton has mild autism and I love to hear him talk but to say comments like this just thrill me!

BUT it also makes me think about the fact that how many times as Parents do people forget that children are just kids! Today we want them to grow up and "BEHAVE" so fast! I agree they need to learn discipline but they need to be able to PLAY to!

So just remember that little boy or girl is " JUST A KID YOU KNOW"


karen (akaliz) said...

what a cute story! i forget that sometimes about my 6 year old b/c most of the time he says the most grown-up stuff...things you'd never expect a kid to say!

read at the diner you're from upstate ny? how much upstate?

Amanda said...

Hey Susie!! So glad to hear from you :) I think of you often!