Saturday, January 05, 2008

I entered a contest!

I entered a scrapbooking contest on Scrapping with Grace! the first layout had to be about 2007! So I did mine about all that happen to us in 2007!

The move, the packing, trying to find a house, not being able to see our grandboys, etc.
My big concern is that it did not load good in the gallery there though. I did a contest there before and had that problem, must be the type of forum. Oh well. Maybe next week I can figure out how to load better if I load some on to the regular part of the gallery not in the contest part.

I have been trying out a few different scrapbooking sites lately, trying to find a couple busy sites. I need challenges to keep me going. I found a couple new ones I really like! One is called Scrapdiner and the other is the Scrapbook dreamer. So between the three I am keeping busy. I am also on a couple others too so yep, I am busy. But I am also painting! Oh am teaching painting! RIGHT DAWN!!!!

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