Monday, January 28, 2008

Easter 2006 and Daisy Bucket Pattern Papers!!

Okay yes I am behind! But if you think these photos are behind then you have not seen anything yet! I have oodles of photos of my children to do, this is my grandson Noah!

He was afraid of the Easter Bunny and would not sit on his lap, so the Easter Bunny hid behind the fence so that he got in the photo at least!!!

The papers I used for this layout are Daisy Bucket Pattern Papers and I am in Love!!! they are such a neat texture! Great to work with! I cannot wait to see what the new line is when it is released at Cha!!!


Lynn said...

what are you thinking?? getting caught up. snort. that's so funny, my oldest wouldn't sit on santa's lap. makes for great journaling and blackmailing later. love it!

karen (akaliz) said...

i saw this at the diner and just a kick out of the bunny hiding in the bushes...too funny!

some easter bunny costumes are quite scary though, so i don't blame him!