Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008's word for the year!

I have choosen my word for the year! POSITIVE! My goal is too try to be more POSITIVE and too look for the POSITIVE side of even the bad things that happen!

I do not often talk about my reason for being disabled so I am getting it done and over with now and only because I am asking for prayer for the 25th that the new procedure works!

On the 25th they are going to try something different instead of my normal nerve blocks. I will be having a procedure done where they will the occipital nerve, this procedure, GOD willing if it works for me will last 3-6 months. If this procedure does not work then I will have to go to the implant procedure. I am including a video on Occipital neuralgia and the implant procedure.

Now the other problem I have which was also mention on the other video is called TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA I just found out about the procedure on this video recently. Fortunetly right now my meds are working although some of the side effects to stink! But Trigeminal Neuralgia can come back worse and meds can stop working so I am glad I found the treatment. BUT THE VIDEO will help you understand my disease.

Now remember my word for this year is POSITIVE! AND I am positive it is going to be a great year and my health is going to be good! SO Please no sorrys as I am doing well right now, and am so thankful for how far I have come! Many days I hate my meds and their side effects but GOLLY I love the difference they made in my life, SO THAT IS THE POSITIVE part of my meds!!!

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denean said...

WOW! Praying all goes well for you! Thinking "POSITIVE" thoughts right along side you!