Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It is time for you to meet the Beauty of the Family!

Beauty is our 12 year old half beagle and half border collie dog! She is one of the best behaved dogs I know and smart too!
When we were living in upstate N.Y. she awoke us one night right before we moved by barking a bark that I knew something was wrong. Turns out someone was trying to break into the neighbors house. She knew it was not them! We called them and they in turn called the police. Turns out the lady was higher then a kite! Beauty got a bag full of treats from the neighbors!

I am doing a photo challenge on The Memory Safe that Jaci has posted and so yesterday I was outside taking some photos and I took a few tilted photos of my birdbath the kids gave me for Mother's day but I thought I would put the one I took of it that is not tilted on my blog also!

Today is Chelsea's birthday! It is so hard to believe she is already 11! So she chose to go out to The Outback for dinner so I will probaly be writing more tonight or else I will just wait and add it tomorrow!


Margo said...

What a cute dog and I so love that bird bath!

*Jeanne* said...

Your dog is too darn cute.
The birdbath is so pretty.. I love reading your blog.

Keep it up!