Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jason's late afternoon trip to the doctors!


Today I went outside with the boys to take pictures of my gardens while the boys played, after finishing the pictures, I notice Jason has gone to sit on the steps and so I snapped a picture.
Then I asked him why he was sitting there and he said, "me too hot grandma, I want to go inside and play." So we all went inside. Shortly after getting inside he begins to cry his ear hurts and I mean sobbing, and this is someone who is a mr. tough guy. I take his temp and it is 99.8 but he is just grabbing his ear in pain. I know he is in way to much pain to wait till tomorrow even though it is now 3 pm. So I call the doctors office and they say be here by 4pm no later (it is now 315) now let me tell you that from here to the doctors office is about 40 minutes doing best time and I still have to grab diapers for Noah and put noahs sandels back on!
I flew to the doctors office and I made it and they said it is one bad ear infection. Jason said, it hurt when you were cleaning the kitchen too grandma real bad but I didn't tell you. So now I have told him that he does not wait to tell me.


Margo said...

Oh poor guy! I have one of those who waits till it is really bad before she lets me know. I hope that he is doing much better today.

*Jeanne* said...

Poor little guy... I hope he is doing better today. Also that grandma is doing better and not stressing to much... lol